Upgrading my PC

  TOFF 09:15 10 Jul 2006

I have a Dell 8200 with Pentium 4 (2.5 Ghz) and 768 MB of RAM. It is about 3 years old. I would like to edit photos etc using Adobe Photoshop but am worried that it will not be up to it as I have heard that Adobe PS is very resource hungry. Could I upgrade my machine, or would I be better off buying one of the new iMacs (although they are only rated at 2Ghz)as I have heard that they are much better at Adobe type applications?

  Leehndrsn 09:24 10 Jul 2006

I used Adobe products on my other 4yr old 2.2ghz P4 512mb ram and they worked fine, I personally would upgrade

  keef66 10:17 10 Jul 2006

I run Photoshop on an Athlon XP2100+ (=1.7ghz)with 500mb ram. No problems at all. No need to upgrade or replace your pc to run it.

Unless of course you're looking for an excuse to indulge yourself...

  martjc 10:18 10 Jul 2006

...use this machine for photo editing but there are less greedy applications out there. If you MUST use Photoshop, I would suggest:

1. Upgrade you RAM to at least 1 Gig.

2. Ask yourself is your graphics card up to it?

You haven't said what graphics system you have - is it onboard or separate card?
If the former, remember that it will use some of your system memory as graphics memory. If the latter, you will probably need something with 128 meg of dedicated graphics memory on the card.

Consider these things then post back for more help if required.

  TOFF 23:54 10 Jul 2006


I have run Belarc and it doesn't seem to mention a separate graphics card. The best I can identify is a NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 420 [Display adapter]. Is this what you mean as 'onboard'. I imagine it is. If so, what do I need besides the additional RAM?

  martjc 08:29 11 Jul 2006

...is a separate card. It has 64MB of its own memory. It's not a great deal - most cards these days use 128MB or more.
But if you are just manipulating regular sized photos, not huge ones, things should be o.k.

I would fit the RAM. To identlfy exactly what you need go to Kingston.com or Crucial.com. Use their 'identify by manufacturer' service. Their memory is good quality and guaranteed to work in your machine.

Once that is done, your flying...

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