Upgrading my pc

  STEVE71163 16:38 06 Jan 2004

I would like to give my computer a bit more go and wondered on the best way forward?

The spec is:

Athlon xp2000 Processor
512ddr ram
2x80gb hd
Ati Radion 9000 128mb graphics
400w power supply

I use the pc for internet use and web design etc. My motherboard will take a xp3000 processor but would it make much difference?

  Handy Spinner 16:43 06 Jan 2004

Is there a specific reason for your wanting to upgrade? Is it running slowly?

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 16:48 06 Jan 2004

G card is about the weakest link so i would go for a new one of those.


  STEVE71163 16:53 06 Jan 2004

Thanks for replies. What graphics card would give a noticeable difference? Do you not think the processor could do with being a bit faster?

  Air_Man 16:58 06 Jan 2004

I suppose the CPU could do with being a bit faster - but to really notice the difference, you would have to go for the 3000+ mark, and they are still a bit expensive for the performance improvement IMHO anyway.

  Totally-braindead 18:03 06 Jan 2004

I had a radeon 9000 and upgraded mine last month to a MSI FX 5600 Tdi and found it a vast improvement, bought it from Microdirect.com for just over the £100 mark. Regarding your processor, as the others are saying unless there is something you wish to do which your system will not do at the moment I'd leave it alone for now. The prices of processors, as the newer ones come out drop quite significantly and the longer you wait the faster the processor you'll be able to buy for your money.

  Rayuk 19:29 06 Jan 2004

As you use your pc for the internet and web design cannot see any real reason to upgrade your graphics card.

You are running an 2000+ which I assume is the 133/266 and have you PC2100 memory?

Upgrading to a Barton[166/333 + 512cache] core cpu and PC2700 memory you may see an improvement

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