Upgrading my mum's PC

  Red Devil 11:52 11 May 2009

Hi all,

OK - my mum has set me a task, upgrade her PC for her.

It needs to be able to handle Vista 32-bit Home Premium.

I prefer Intel, just a personal thing.

So I'm looking for advice on a Motherboard, Processor and RAM combination.

Really need the MoBo to have integrated sound and graphics but to have the option to upgrade to a PCI-e16 gfx card at some point in the future.

Budget is around £200 so any advice people have for me would be most welcome.

Need advice this time as I am working to a budget rather than getting the best PC parts I can afford as I do when building my own PC!!


  birdface 11:55 11 May 2009

Just as cheap buying a new computer if you are going to spend £200 on upgrades.

  Red Devil 12:04 11 May 2009

I appreciate that but what do you get for £200?

A PC that barely meets the requirements for an OS at purchase and quickly becomes slow and unusable.

I've seen it with so many family members that, to me, upgrading is the path I'll always take especially seeing as the current PC's hardware - MoBo, processor and RAM apart - are all pretty good.

  brundle 12:05 11 May 2009

Just got one of these for a computer at my office ( click here ) - the machine's running XP but that board would handle Vista OK - best to disable all the Vista Aero/theme effects though if you're going to stick with the onboard graphics. You have some leeway with your £200 budget.

  keef66 13:06 11 May 2009

the novatech mobo bundles are good vfm; that's the route I'd go.

Things to check:

Is the OS an OEM version tied to the existing mobo, or a retail version you can legitimately install on what will effectively be a new pc?

Existing PSU: does it have 20 pin power connector? New boards now require 24 pin for best results. (although on a low power system you'll probably get away with it)

Existing HDD(s) and optical drives: are these IDE or SATA connectors? New mobos come with only 1 IDE connector, so you can't plug in 2 optical and 2 HD drives if they are all IDE.

  keef66 13:40 11 May 2009

Ignore the spam (FE informed) I'd go for the E7400 bundle at £175.

  Red Devil 12:52 20 May 2009

Well, I decided to go for one of Overclockers motherboard bundles, it arrived yesterday and the PC has been upgraded today.

All working, just need to install Vista now.

  keef66 13:58 20 May 2009

Which bundle did you get?

  VOT Productions 17:29 21 May 2009

Why not buy a notebook?

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