Upgrading my hard drive

  obled 16:55 06 Jun 2004

A novice messaging so please use plain words in reply.
I need to increase my hard drive capacity. Is a diamondMax Plus9 120Gb UDMA133 compatible with my Mainboard? Mainboard is a LegendQDI Model PLATINIX-8 Version V1.XX

  Fruit Bat 17:14 06 Jun 2004

Hard drive support is usually down to the BIOS all main boards built in last 12months support drives up to at least 137G.


  radi8or 17:37 06 Jun 2004

obled hi

Don't know if this is right version of your board but according to this it only goes up to 100 not 133 but I would think it is backwards compatible.

Have a read click here

Regards Bob

  Dorsai 18:47 06 Jun 2004

Your Mobo (motherboard) would seem to go to ATA100, as the link radi8tor supplied suggests. Maxtor's web site is singulaly unhelpful when it comes to the hard drive you mention. There is no mention about whether the drive is backwards compatable with ATA100 or not. Hard drives are normally backward compatable with previos specifications/standards. but maxtor don't say this for certian........

It does mean that you are looking at a drive that can go 'faster' than your mobo. It won't do any harm, but an ATA100 drive would seem to be suited to your Mobo, and might be cheaper for the same number of MB, as it is a lower spec.

Your best bet might me to e-mail the seller, and ask them. Is it is coming from a company or a private seller? If a Company and they say in writing that it WILL WORK and if it doesn't you can send it back as is is not what they said it was.

  bremner 18:49 06 Jun 2004

The 137GB limit is a Windows XP limitation resolved with the launch of SP1.

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