Upgrading my computer

  zeepo734 17:44 23 Nov 2006

Hi guys.

My current pc's spec are the following:

CPU: 2.00ghz pentium 4 400mhz FSB

HD: 120gb Hard drive (primary)
40Gb hard drive (Secondary)

Memory: 2x 512Mb PC 2700 ram = 1GB

Ok here is the list of parts i am going to upgrade.

Upgrading CPU to a 2.60ghz 400mhz fsb

upgrading ram to 2GIG

Putting 40gb secondary hard drive into an external caddy and putting another 120gb hd in its place.

I am not upgrading my graphics card as i do not play games.

Ok my real question is is there going to be a noticable difference in performance and speed in my computer when i upgrade. I am buying the new cpu from ebay as the model is out dated.


  Pamy 17:46 23 Nov 2006

short answer, NO

  zeepo734 17:50 23 Nov 2006

Why do you say that

  sean-278262 17:50 23 Nov 2006

Personally I would almost suggest you place the back up 40gb as a master and keep the 120 and 512mb of ram

Then go out to places like click here and buy a computer with what you need and add the other parts from your old system. It would probably offer you that little bit more futureproofing plus more modern technology and the insurance of 12months warranty. 50% of all the CPU's I have gotten on ebay have been DOA so it is quite risky.

  sean-278262 17:52 23 Nov 2006

Pamy is quite rite also in that the extra ram on such a low end computer will make very little difference and the faster processor unless you take use of it for games or video encoding will make little or no difference also. A new system would likely offer more for your money that flogging a dead horse as such.

  Pamy 17:54 23 Nov 2006

Because 2.00 to 2.6 is negligable

  zeepo734 18:26 23 Nov 2006

ok if my computer is such a piece of junk what do u lot have inside your pc's.

  Pamy 18:36 23 Nov 2006

Mine is an AMD 2100 cpu, an 128 ATI graphics card,
1GB memory, 50GM HDD, 40GB HDD, and a 120GB external HDD. I have a PCI sound card and an ethernet card.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:37 23 Nov 2006

Your computer is not a piece of junk, it depends on what you want to do with it.

In its current state it will quite happily run most ofice type applications. you don't play games anyway so graphics are not that important.

Just not suitable for intensive work like video editing etc.

  Pamy 18:38 23 Nov 2006

zeepo734, I have never said that your computer is a piece of junk, it is probably beter spec. than mine, I just answred your question

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