Upgrading my Acer PC

  Aaron-188486 17:38 04 Feb 2008

Hi Everyone,

I'm looking to upgrade the RAM on my Acer Aspire L100 (click here) from 1gb to 2gb. However, due to the compact nature of the PC I'm apprehensive about opening it up at this stage. There is plenty of text online about how to do it but i'd really like to see pictures of the motherboard and the PC internally as a whole component. does anyone out there have any links to sites that will show me? I've contacted Acer but they are very mch against guiding me as they don't want me to cock up their product.

Any ideas!?

  brundle 17:40 04 Feb 2008

Normally laptops just have a small `hatch` on the underside to cover the memory slots, held shut with a screw. Very rare indeed to have to dismantle the laptop just to replace memory, except if there's one slot under the hatch and another hidden inside - is that the case?

  Aaron-188486 17:43 04 Feb 2008

Hi brundle,

No, actually it's a PC not a laptop. I know Acer aren't renowned for PC's, it's a very compact.

  brundle 17:43 04 Feb 2008

Oh those (you helpfully provide a link unlike most people and I don't use it before answering, sorry). easy to take apart - one screw, lift the cover off, unclip a ribbon cable. The memory slots are easy to get to then, can't remember which area of the board they're located but it's not hard to get at.

  Aaron-188486 17:45 04 Feb 2008

Beat me too it! Is the screw at the back, do you know? Or on the side like standard PC's?

  brundle 17:52 04 Feb 2008

If you were to turn the machine around and look at it from the back, the screw is on the right half way up the case. That, as far as I recall, is the only thing holding the right hand panel on. There are some fiddly cables connected to the LEDs at the front which can be a pain to put back if they move. There's a 3.5" HD held in by a single screw, which covers the lower half of the board, the DVD drive covers the upper half but I didn't have to touch that to see the memory chips and slots.

  Aaron-188486 17:55 04 Feb 2008


you're a glittering star as always! Thanks so much, I'll have a look when I get home.

  brundle 17:58 04 Feb 2008

Glad to be of help

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