Upgrading to MSI motherboard problem

  QualBob 08:51 25 Jan 2005

Am upgrading from an Elite K7S5A to an MSI KT6V -swopped everything over - fan starts but nothing else - no screen firing up with anything. I've obviously wired the front panel pins wrongly as the HDD light is the only one coming on - as the power light. Would this mis-wiring be enough to stop everything - or is this more sinister...?

(Nothing else - CD or DVD drives lights up either)

Any ideas?

  Gongoozler 09:13 25 Jan 2005

QualBob, miswiring the front panel can cause this behaviour, e.g. you could be in permanent reset mode. Disconnect everything from the motherboard except the processor with heatsink, ATX power, power switch and case speaker. Reset the BIOS either using the reset link or by removing the battery for a few minutes. If the motherboard boots (to a POST error beep because of no memory or graphics card) then you can start adding the other components.

  georgemac 09:30 25 Jan 2005

I upgraded from an asusa7a266 to msikt4av-l changing no other components, and did not get post or anything on the screen either. The power & hdd leds were continually flashing if I remember correctly and the fans seemed to me to be spinning more slowly.

I changed the 300 watt rated (solarmax in ebuyer case) psu for an antec 350 watt smartpower & it fired up no problem.

So if all your wiring is OK it could be the psu was at it's limit and the new m/b is dragging down the voltages

may be worth disconnecting the cd-rom drives and taking out any cards except the graphics and trying again with reduced load on the psu

faster psu's and memory also use more power

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