Upgrading motherboard...

  Midsman2005 02:32 12 Aug 2005

Hello all,

Just about to change my motherboard.

Physically swopping everything over seems easy enough.

This might sound daft but I was just wondering what else I needed to do?

Is it as simple as swopping everything over and then just switching on?

I am upgrading from a Foxconn 661M03-G to a MSI 875 Neo2 FISR if that helps!


  Completealias 02:35 12 Aug 2005

Swap everthing over and then when you bootup go into the BIOS and check that all the settings are correct for your hardware, you will need to reinstall windows as well.

  Midsman2005 02:36 12 Aug 2005

Windows came pre-installed so I only have the windows recovery cd....can I still use this to install windows like I would if I had not changed the mobo?

  Midsman2005 02:41 12 Aug 2005

Windows will obviously still try and load from the hard drive as it would with this mobo.

However, because I have changed the mobo, for a nice clean setup I would need to reinstall windows.

Which, under the above circumastances I would indeed be able to use the recovery cd.

  Completealias 02:59 12 Aug 2005

My recovery disk that came with my pc is locked to the BIOS on that motherboard I believe and so will only work with that board, if I put the disc in another machine the content will not show up. Yours may be the same so it might not work.

If you have a folder named I386 on your hard drive (do a search for it) then this page click here explains how to create your own windows disk from those files.

  Completealias 03:01 12 Aug 2005

I ment to add that yes windows will still try and load but as you say for a clean start it will be best to reinstall plus the fact that xp might want you to reactivate as it does when you make any major hardware changes.

  Midsman2005 12:47 12 Aug 2005

Yes, I see where you are coming from...

"if I put the disc in another machine the content will not show up."

But I thought thats because it was locked to content already on the hard drive, not what was in the BIOS?

I might be wrong though, but does anybody else know?

  Midsman2005 12:49 12 Aug 2005

Actually, I think you are right and I am wrong!

  Totally-braindead 13:01 12 Aug 2005

Be sure to clean off all the thermal paste on the CPU and the CPU heatsink and fan and renew it, if don't do this you can have hotspots which will blow the processor. If you haven't already bought your motherboard you could by an OEM copy of XP with it for about £60, I mention this in case your copy of XP will not install on the new motherboard.

  Midsman2005 13:04 12 Aug 2005

Yes thanks for that.

I have indeed bought a new fan and heatsink for as I thought exactly the same thing.

Hmmmm, not too happy about possibly having to buy another copy of windows...as I feel I have already paid for it once.

Think I am going to contact Novatech and beg them for a Windows CD....any chance do you think?

  Midsman2005 13:07 12 Aug 2005

I bought the PC from Novatech about 6 months ago.

I was not just going to beg one from them because I felt like it!

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