Upgrading a motherboard for £100

  wolve18 16:46 22 Nov 2005

I need to upgrade the motherboard on my pc inorder to increase the running speed of the machine.

Currently it is 300mhz and i am looking to spend no more than £100.

There is plenty of RAM on the machine and a good graphics card.
Is this possible and will i still be able to use the RAM and graphics card?

  GaT7 17:25 22 Nov 2005

Why do you feel you need to upgrade or increase the speed? Are you doing extra tasks so it can no longer cope, or rather slow? I ask you these questions as sometimes a fresh reinstall of the OS may give you enough of a speed increase.

Anyway, to better advise you, we will have to know your present system details, like:

* Processor/CPU make & model
* Motherboard make & model
* RAM spec (133Mhz/266Mhz/333Mhz) & amount
* Graphics card make & model
* Operating System (OS)

To get the above info, download, install & run the free Everest click here

Also let us know:

* Power supply (PSU) wattage - info for this can only be obtained by opening the case & having a look
* What you use your PC for
* The more detail the better


  Diodorus Siculus 17:27 22 Nov 2005

You need to give more details but I think the short answer is no.

click here for a motherboard, processor, RAM and space for an AGP graphics card all for £105 and a few pounds delivery.

Your RAM won't be DDR so you will not be able to put it into a new mobo.

If you go down the second hand route, you could find something on ebay but you are taking a chance with your £100. The above option is as good as it gets I think.

What about your graphics card? Is it AGP?

  Diodorus Siculus 17:28 22 Nov 2005

Crossbow7 reminds me of something else - the PSU - you will likely need a new one :-(

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