Upgrading a Mesh pc

  Linf5 20:11 06 Sep 2004

I have a 4 year old Mesh pc with the following specs:

250 watt powersupply unit (PSU)
Gigabyte GA-71XE Motherboard
AMD Athlon 800 CPU
512mb SDRAM
CD RW Drive
DVD Drive
upgraded 128mb Nvidia GForce FX 5200 graphic card

to keep going for another 2-3 years I am looking to upgrade by getting the following replacements which I intend to order and fit myself (as its cheaper and I like a challenge!):

Gigabyte GA-K8N SKT754 motherboard
AMD Sempron 3100 SKT 754 processor
Seagate Barracuda 120GB HDD
Kingston DDR 400 PC3200 memory (512mb x2)

Now as I am a bit of a newbie at this I thought I would run this past you guys to see if you could spot any potential problems. I have done a bit of homework on it and made sure the motherboard and processor have the same socket type!

My major concern is whether the 250W PSU will be ok with these newer bits.

Also I would be interested to hear from anyone who has upgraded a Mesh PC before and whether they encountered any problems.

  johnsims 20:16 06 Sep 2004

The PSU may be a bit undercooked for that AMD set up, I would advise at least 350 watts and make sure it is AMD approved.

You will need to reinstall Windows with that sort of hardware change. If your Mesh PC only came with a restore disk it will be tied to your original set up and you will need to speak to them to see if they can offer any help. Cannot remember when Microshaft stopped OEMs supplying a full blown copy of the OS on CD, but at 4 years old you may just have caught the last of that system of OEM distribution of Window$

  Linf5 20:38 06 Sep 2004

In fact they mistakenly gave me 2 copies of windows 98se on cd so there is no problems there!

Besides I will probably splash out on xp professional when I upgrade - I'm guessing that after installation with a new hdd I just boot from the xp installation disc and go from there. I assume new hdds are preformatted although I havent found any clear information about using a new hdd for the first time.

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