Upgrading Memory

  Border View 10:04 13 Oct 2004

I have a Micro-Star K7 Pro ATX IR3 Motherboard which currently has 128mb RAM. It has two free DIMM slots so I've decided to purchase an additional memory of 256mb to go in slot 2.

Total innocent at this, have yet to take the side of the tower. My question is - when I've installed the additonal memory and put everything back together how will I know that the additional stick has been recognised and is working.

Oh! should have mentioned that I run Windows 98SE.

Sorry if the is an obvious question but I'm on a learning curve here.

  woodt 10:14 13 Oct 2004

If you right click on 'My Computer' and select properties it will tell you how much RAM the computer has.

Not sure about your combo of RAM though. other experts will be better to advise about that.

  Graham ® 10:17 13 Oct 2004

First take a trip to crucial.com to get some idea of your options. There are different types, and some combinations will not work together - yours could be one of them!

  Graham ® 10:20 13 Oct 2004

Memory test click here

  Border View 10:33 13 Oct 2004

Thanks for that advice fellas. So would I be better going for another 128mb to take it up to 256

  Border View 11:17 13 Oct 2004

Been into Crutial - boy the Belarc Advisor is something else. Printed that one off for future reference.

Crutial have said that, amongst others, a 256SDRAM PC133 would be compatable. The current memory is 128mb PC100. So I'm a bit confused:

(1) Can I have a 256 and a 128 installed at the same time, or

(2) Will the 256 replace the 128 (the motherboard handbook says that it will take up to 768mb for SDRAM.

(3) What about the difference between PC100 and PC133 - my Bus Clock is 100 megahertz if that has anything to do with it.

Your advice would be appreciated before I spend any money.

  Belatucadrus 11:38 13 Oct 2004

Be a little wary of Crucials recommendation, I double checked their site suggestion for my PC with the MOBO user manual. There were significant discrepancies and my board would not have handled the specification they suggested.

  woodt 11:49 13 Oct 2004

I think any increase in memory would be benificial. Perceived wisdom is to upgrade in pairs. So if you can afford it go for 2*256 or 2*512 You can put your existing 128 card in the last slot if you wish. Also check on your mb website for RAM recommendations.

  spuds 12:21 13 Oct 2004

If your Bus clock is running at 100 and you have PC100 installed, then any new PC100/PC133 will run at 100.

I would suggest that you install the largest capacity chip in the number one slot and work back from that.Make sure that they 'click in/seat' securely, as this can be a fiddly job for the big handed.And make sure that you are carefull with the anti-statics and touching components.

  Border View 16:06 13 Oct 2004

Thanks everyone.

Can I just ask Spuds. Does this mean it will be OK to have two memory's of different sizes, i.e. 256 and 128. I've seen a reasonably priced 256 on e-bay and the description is identical to that in my motherboard handbook. The seller seems quite reputable. The memory would be second user but comes in at £29.99 and comes with a guarantee. Thanks again for your help.

  Border View 22:53 13 Oct 2004


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