Upgrading ME to XP Home

  dreamer 20:44 21 Mar 2006

Due to persistent problems which I believe are ME-based, I'm intending to upgrade to XP Home SP2 (or Pro?)
I use MS-Office 2000 Premium (incl. Access) and need to be sure that it will work with XP. Can anybody assure me that it will work ok - or am I going to have a problem?

  phono 20:46 21 Mar 2006

Should work absolutely fine.

  VoG II 20:48 21 Mar 2006

No problem with Office 2000 but advisable to click here

  Danoh 21:06 21 Mar 2006

I've run Office 2000 on XP with no problems a few years ago. Also concur with VoG™'s hardware check before making the move.

  jjss 21:22 21 Mar 2006

Go for it! I came from ME to XP Home using Off 2K Pro. Never looked back. Just do your hardware/driver checks like the others have mentioned.

  StainlessStan 21:43 21 Mar 2006

I've done exactly what you want to do with no problems. Got rid of all those ME bugs.

  palinka 22:00 21 Mar 2006

I've never understood why people are anti ME. I've used it for years and never had any problems. On another pc I use XP - it's no better and no worse than ME.

  VoG II 22:04 21 Mar 2006

You must have been the lucky one ;o)

In my experience ME was the flakiest operating system that it has been my misfortune to run.

  Batch 09:44 22 Mar 2006

Have just gone from ME to XP last weekend and re-installed Office2K - no problems. Don't forget to load all of the Office updates from the MS Office Update site (probably around 100MB or so).

Installing XP lot easier than ME - mostly 'cos it sorted out virtually all the drivers automatically.

  Batch 09:49 22 Mar 2006

BTW, I tried the Upgrade Advisor (from the XP CD) and it said that it couldn't run as it wasn't compatible with my OS (ME). Fat lot of good it was. If MS can't get something as basic as that to work, well....

Only software I had any real issue with was MSBackup which I had used previously to create backups (.QICs). Luckily I still had a v. old laptop with 98 and used this to extract the data I wanted from .QICs and resave them as .ZIPs

  dreamer 11:06 22 Mar 2006

Thanks all for your encouragement and useful info.
Am now in process of using Upgrade Advisor (over the Net) and sorting out other hardware/driver issues. Best price I've found for the disc is Amazon.

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