Upgrading ME to XP

  User-E70658AE-BDD7-4DD5-AE5EE3B7769D7D2C 16:23 04 Nov 2008

Does anyone know the cheapest place I can get XP to upgrade my old laptop from ME.

Many Thanks

  Rahere 16:26 04 Nov 2008

Do you definitely need XP - just thinking linux might be better for you now - drivers etc might be tricky to find....

XP home will be cheaper than XP Pro by £30

  Bargee 16:39 04 Nov 2008

Cheapest XP I've found is at Dabs.com.

Its XP Home SP3 OEM version (CD, but no manuals) priced at £58.

Their Quicklinx code: 54SSWS

All the best.

  DieSse 17:06 04 Nov 2008

If it's too old a laptop, it may not be up to running XP well - what are it's specs?

It's a Mesh compilation manufactured by Gericom Model SIS630540 - 1 Mhz, Pentium 3 memory is I think 512. I'm not sure because I can't access system information.

Windows ME is really flakey and seems to have a mind of its' own - i never know what is going to work at any one time. I long ago lost the ME programme disk.


  Condom 19:59 05 Nov 2008

I think you may be caught between that preverbial rock and a hard place. XP will struggle with the specifications you appear to have and I wouldn't recommend it to you. You don't seem to have an ME disk to try a reinstall to see if that cures the flakieness. Have you downloaded all the updates for ME?

You could try Win 2000 which is very good and can now be bought cheaper than XP but you may need to go to a computer fair or eBAy to get a copy as I don't think you can buy it in the shops now. It was a very good stable OS and didn't need the amount of power XP needs.

Maybe a good time to try Ubuntu or another Linux OS especailly if this is a second machine.

  LastChip 22:34 05 Nov 2008

click here and download the iso file, burn it to a CD and run it live (that means direct from the CD).

Note: make sure you know how to burn an iso file, as it catches many out.

You may be very surprised just how good it is.

If you like it, just click on the icon on its desktop to install it.

I've been using it on my laptop for about 15 months and it's proven itself to be very stable and reliable - highly recommended and legally free!

Yes I think you are right re windows apps - anyway they cost money.
I decided to download Ubunto on a different computer, however disk does not automatically start when I load it into my laptop - have I done something really silly?


  LastChip 12:47 06 Nov 2008

are you burning the iso file correctly?

This is the single most common problem people have when transitioning to Linux.

You MUST burn it as an iso image file. Nero has the capability as do most other leading burning programs.

click here for a tutorial on how to do it that uses Infra Recorder, but whichever burning program you use, the principal will be the same.

click here for the minimum computer requirement to run Ubuntu and make sure your laptop meets them. Even at the minimum, it will run, but wont be very fast and you would be well advised to explore other smaller, faster distributions (distros).

That's the wonder of Linux. There's always something to "fit" your situation.

  Rahere 12:48 06 Nov 2008

Assuming you burnt the iso image correctly as a bootable disc it should be fine - what happens when you boot with the CD in the drive? Have you set the laptop boot order from CD first? it's in the BIOS.

You might discover that the ubuntu CD starts but struggles to load because 512mb RAM is too low for Live CD - I struggled on v7.10 and 8.04 in the end loaded ubuntu on a Thinkpad R31 with 512MB using the alternative disc which is more text based install and requires lower resources. However you can't try before you install using this method.

Note v8.10 didn't work for me becuase of specific issues on startup (graphics I think) However you can't try before you install using this method.

So in long winded way I'm trying to tell you to try a lighter linux OS like puppy linux, damn small linux in live CD.

  Rahere 12:50 06 Nov 2008

Nice post LastChip. You beat me to it!

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