Upgrading to latest free AVG

  Batch 09:48 04 Jan 2011

I'm seeking any advice on updating a neighbours' PC to the latest AVG Free 2011.

Later this week I shall be assisting these elderly tech wary neighbours switch to broadband (they've taken years to take the plunge and ditch dial-up).

I haven't been able to gain access to their PC yet (since I last did some work on it years ago), so I can't be sure what version of AVG they currently have. The PC (an 8 year old Dell) originally came with Norton AV. Some years ago I switched them to AVG (V7 I think) and later updated them to AVG V8.5 (again, that's what I recollect). I was familiar with AVG at the time as it is what I used, but I subsequently switched to Avast.

They've told me that AVG has been nagging them to update (I assume to 2011 edition). To my knowledge, they have not updated yet. Consquently I shall probably do this for them as well.

My question is whether there is anything I should be aware of / tips in updating their PC to AVG 2011?

And before anyone suggests switching them to Avast. Please don't even go there. Making change / decisions is not their strong point, as evidenced by the time it has taken to switch to broadband.

Thanks in advance.

  johndrew 10:18 04 Jan 2011

Whilst I know that many have had no problem updating and others have overcome difficulties, I have continual problems. click here As a result I am moving to Avast.

Additionally there are indications that AVG is starting to get 'bloated' and not reaching the higher levels of protection offered by some.

  ashdav 10:28 04 Jan 2011

Strongly recommend you remove the current installation of AVG click here cCleaner in registry mode,reboot then install latest AVG.

  canarieslover 10:30 04 Jan 2011

An eight year old PC will almost certainly have problems with AVG slowing it down. Go for something less demanding like Microsoft Security Essentials. click here
or Avast! click here
Once set up they don't really need any further input from the user.

  onthelimit 12:26 04 Jan 2011

I agree with canarieslover - I've put MSE on computers owned by similar people to those you help. Because it requires so little intervention and is not resource hungry, it's ideal for folks like them with an older machine.

  Batch 15:20 04 Jan 2011

Thanks for the inputs.

I very much doubt if perfomance of AVG would be a real issue for them. Think about it - they've lived with dial-up broadband all these years and not complained. Plus, other than the AV software changes that I've made, I doubt if they've added any software since purchase of the PC (which include whatever version of Works at the time, so not even Office or an equiv.) - the 40GB HDD is probably hardly used.

  Bapou 17:24 04 Jan 2011

I used AVG from day one of my computing life but upgrading to this 2011 version was a very big mistake. Numerous problems with .exe files, even those I created myself, (slideshows), were regarded as dangerous. Opening folders became a pain as Resident Shield scanned, when offline I had to shut the damned feature off. Then it stopped updating, that's it, enough was enough, I'd had it with AVG.

Now I use MSE and very happy with it. MSE sits there, quietly running in the background without intrusion. Automatically updates without my need to check and so on.

Major Geeks website seemed to have issues with AVG 2011 and criticised the authors. The editor had a change of mind, click here maybe AVG were upset. Didn't convince me, I'll stay with MSE.

  bigpeta 11:31 06 Jan 2011

avg 2011 and zonealarm firewall just dont mix. i am dumping avg for ?? not yet decided

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