Upgrading Help Needed :(

  Brezza 02:19 08 Dec 2005

Hiya Peeps :)

I Was jsut wandering if anyone out there out there could help me with a some infromation about upgrading my computer.

Im looking to upgrade my graphics card, at the moment i have a Asus motherbord that only supports AGP but im wanting to get a PCI-Express card.

I know im going to have to get another MBord in order to use a PCI-E card, its just i have no idea what Mbord to get?!?!

I Currently have a Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHz (Prescott) Socket 478 800FSB, with 2 x 512mb DDR 400Mhz PC3200 Ram modeules.

Basically i need a Motherbord that Supports DDR PC3200, A P4 3.0GHz Socket 478 Processor and most of all a PCI-E Graphics card, i'll be damned if i can find a 478 mbord that supports all thease anywhere?!?!

I really dont want to have to buy a new processor, ram and mbord just for the sake of getting a new graphics card

If anyone can help it would that would be great because its begining to make my brain hurt lol :)

Thanks again peeps :)


  flyingbrit 02:39 08 Dec 2005

I may be wrong, but I don't think so, you'll not get a mobo with PCI-E socket that your present cpu will fit they are all 939 pins. Sorry but it looks like you'll need a new one for PCI-E mobo.

  rmcqua 09:35 08 Dec 2005

try this one:
click here
or this one:
click here

  nar 10:13 08 Dec 2005

go for an amd chip with 939 pin mobo hell of a lot better than pentium anyway (see the amd vs pentium feature on this site). if you want pci-e chances are your old chip will not be compatible with that mobo too.

  rmcqua 11:33 08 Dec 2005

I don't think Brezza wants to buy a new CPU - he already has a P4 3.0

  Brezza 12:14 08 Dec 2005

Hiya peeps,

Thanks for all the info. Thats right rmcqua i really dont want to have to upgrade my CPU and RAM just for the sake of a new graphics card.

Thanks for the info on this bord (click here)

Looks like thats my best option, hopfully it will support my current cpu, ram and be able to house a Geforce 7800 PCI-E.

The other bord you mentioned (click here). Is it actully possible to have a hybrid slot that supports both PCI-E and AGP? sounds a little unstable to me, i mean its a fantastic idea but would it really work?

Thanks again a million for all your help :)


  rmcqua 12:26 08 Dec 2005

Hi Brezza,
I have blown up the picture of the second board and, though it's a bit hazy, it seems to have 2 separate graphics slots so I think you would be OK. It seems like ASRock may have given them their own names. For safety's sake, I would go for the first board.
Good luck.
PS. I have a 3.2 GHZ 478 P4 that runs cool and stable, overclocked at 3.85 GHz.

  PaulB2005 12:31 08 Dec 2005

ASRock AGI Express and AGI8X interface to adopt both PCI Express and AGP Display card.

It has two slots...

  Brezza 17:31 08 Dec 2005

Hi rmcqua,

the first bord (click here) again seems to be the best option, sorry to keep asking questions but does it support IDE? Its says SATA on the description but both my curent HDD are IDE and again i dont really want to have to upgrade my HDD cause iv got 200Gb of space and it would be a shame to waste it all :(

Thanks again mate :)


  PaulB2005 18:21 08 Dec 2005

IDE - Yes. 1 x UltraDMA 100/66/33 - but only ONE channel and therefore only two devices.

  Brezza 18:36 08 Dec 2005

Hi Again :)

could i use some kind of splitter to make a 2 port connection IDE cable into a 3 port? thing is iv got 2 HDD's one 80GB and one 120Gb, iv also ot a DVDRW Drive that runs on IDE.......

Never though id have so many questions just for a graphics card lol

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