Upgrading hdd need a little advice

  annie35 23:03 28 Jan 2003

I currently have a 40gig hdd and got a new 60 gig hdd today and am wanting to use both drives. i need a little advice as this is the first time i have done this and dont want to make any mistakes.i know if i add on a second drive i have to have that as a slave drive. what i dont know is if i have to install an operation system onto the 2nd drive a bit of information on this would be good.

  MAJ 23:18 28 Jan 2003

No you don't need an operating system installed. Install the second drive as a slave to the master and format it when you have it installed.

  annie35 23:28 28 Jan 2003

i might need a little info on formating the hdd then.
also i seen another thread and asked a question in there but i also want to upgrade my memory and dont know what motherboard i have. i ran belarc advisor but this has not given me enough information can you give me the web address for

thanks annie

  clayton 23:31 28 Jan 2003
  goonerbill 23:34 28 Jan 2003

place the jump (little black thing) so the drive is set as slave, read label on drive will give you instructions. after connecting and turning on pc, go into set up ( usually press the del key bottom right next to enter key, depending on key board ) and using the auto detect option in ya bios to find hard drive. then ya need to fdisk the drive to create the partition (here is site with fdisk instructions click here dont know how good it is though. then all ya need to do is format the drive.

  annie35 23:45 28 Jan 2003

Motherboard Properties
Motherboard ID 62-1109-001437-00101111-040201-SiS735$M830LRRelease 11/09/2001 S
Motherboard Name Unknown

Front Side Bus Properties
Bus Type DEC Alpha EV6
Bus Width 64-bit
Real Clock 100 MHz (DDR)
Effective Clock 200 MHz
Bandwidth 1600 MB/s

Memory Bus Properties
Bus Width 64-bit
Real Clock 100 MHz (DDR)
Effective Clock 200 MHz
Bandwidth 1600 MB/s

here is the result can you tell me how much memory is the maximum i can install on my motherboard

thanks annie

  cream. 00:12 29 Jan 2003

If you do not want more than the standard partition of the drive. i.e. use it as a full 60 gig. Just do this.

Check the jumper, the little plastic clip, that sits in between the power and ide socket of the drive, is set for slave. You can check the setting by looking at the diagram on top of the disk. Also check that it does not have a 32 gig limiting jumper there. This will also be indicated at the top of the drive.

If the drive has a rubber sheaf, then just peel this back to read the settings.

Now fit the spare ide connector that is on the ribbon cable that slots into your main hard drive.

Have a look at your main hard drive and you will notice that it has a red stripe down one side, the side nearest to the power connector. Fit this in, ide connector, the same way as your main drive is connected. Now locate a spare power connector and plug this in, exactly the same as the main drive.

You can now boot up.

If you check the first screen that comes up e.g. checking ram and then checking hard drives, cdrom drives. Look for primary slave and see if this lists your drive. If it does this fast you can freeze it by pressing the pause\break key. To set it going again just press enter.

If it recognizes your new disk ignore the next paragraph.

Restart machine and press the delete key repeatedly. This will take you to the cmos page. Pick the first option " standard cmos settings". Scroll down to primary slave and change the settings to auto. You can scroll up and down by using the page up \ page down buttons. When done press esc. Then pick the save settings and exit tab. Just type y for yes and enter. Your computer will now reboot.

Now you should have your hard disk recognized in the bios\cmos. Let windows load.

When you are at the desktop, go to my computer. Right click the new drive and scroll down to format. Pick the full option. You will be warned about this being a removable device. Don't worry, proceed. You will then be asked to scandisk the drive, windows will do this for you.

You now have a fully functional slave hard drive.

It sounds long winded, but I have tried to describe it as throughly as I can. The whole job should only take about 10 mins.

The windows thing is for 98 or me. If you have a different O\S post back.

  Djohn 00:19 29 Jan 2003

the village idiot, well explained, even I can follow that. :o)

  annie35 08:09 29 Jan 2003

the village idiot, thanks for this i will be doing it this afternoon and will come back on and let you know what is happening. if you can answer my other question about the maximum memory i will be able to go out and get the new memory today.yes it is windows 98se i am using now but i am also going to upgrade to windows xp.

thanks annie

  cream. 13:54 29 Jan 2003


Best to check your motherboard manual for the total memory. If you have one?

  annie35 12:23 30 Jan 2003

hi there i got new memory and also installed the new hard drive i decided to just take out the old one and replace it with the new one i am going to use my old hard drive in another pc.I now have another problem i managed to format and put on the operation system and installed all my other programs i had before but i have very little colour only the 2 colour options 2 colours and 16 colours i have got the drivers installed and have tried updating the drivers but it says it is going to continue with the same drivers. i have also put in the driver disk and tried installing again and this has made no difference.Any advise on this would be good


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