Upgrading a hard drive

  Sturmey 17:29 10 Nov 2003

Hi, I have a 30gb HD, I want to upgrade to a bigger 120gb drive, I have Windows XP pro installed on my 30gb drive, would it be easy to transfer my OS onto the new drive so I can give my 30gb to a friend, is there software that can do this.

My 30gb drive is formatted using FAT32 and I would like the new drive to use NTFS should this be problem.

Thanks in advance


  smegs 17:43 10 Nov 2003

If U just want to load the Os system, then fdisk & install the Os system. But if U want to keep all the software to transfer, then U will have to get a program like Norton Ghost. As for the Ntfs, I'm running Xp home and thats on a Ntfs hard drive.

  Sturmey 17:47 10 Nov 2003

Yes I'd like to keep all the software and settings etc, so it would be exactly the same installation of XP as I have now but on a different drive.

  AubreyS 17:58 10 Nov 2003

As Sturmey say's, get a program like Ghost, Install your new drive with the old one as a slave (D:) then create an image with ghost to the D: drive then restore it to the new one. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

  flecc 18:59 10 Nov 2003

Hard drive manufacturers web sites offer free utilities to transfer the content of an old drive to a new one, and they have accompanying instructions.

Basically, the new drive is connected as the slave to the old one and the utility runs from a floppy disc that you create from the files you download.

For example, Maxtor have the Maxblast utility, but go to the web site for the manufacturer of your new drive.

Alternatively, if you buy the new drive as a retail pack, it often includes the utility already created on a floppy disc and with full printed instructions. Maxtor's retail packs are like this.

  Sturmey 19:11 10 Nov 2003

I have a Western Digital hard drive they have something called 'Data life tools', looks good just downloaded it and will check it out.

Thanks again

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