Upgrading Graphics card for my dimmension 5150

  digitalghost 13:50 07 Jun 2009

Hi there, this is my first thread and i need answers. I have a Dell dimmension 5150 with all the stock parts, unfortunalty i cant play any PC games i want on good settings becauses of the RADEON X300 graphics card, im looking for a new card which when in stalled will instantly imporve the performance of games like battlefield 2 and even allow good playing of Crysis. Some cards which look good to me are the NVidea X880 and XTX X880 cards and things along similar lines. So i have an idea of how to install the card, but i need ideas for a compatable(most important) card which is easy to install and is very good, my budget isnt much of a problem as i can get good discounts on eBay. The 5150 to my knowledge has a PCI-E connector thing, no idea what it means but we need a card which works.

  retep888 14:42 07 Jun 2009

It's easy to find a replacement gx card for your Dell but is the PSU( the unit which you plug the power cord into) up to the job? You'll need special connector for these cards.

I reckon it's only a 350-400W unit(I'm not 100% sure),you'll need a 500W(min) one to run these powerful cards(I hope I understand what you meant by <<NVidea X880 and XTX X880>> were Nvidia 8800gtx & XFX 8800gtx).

  citadel 17:21 07 Jun 2009

download motherboard manual to find out if you have a pci express slot for a card to fit in. you need a 500w power supply or better for most cards. 8800 series card are obsolete and new cards 9800gtx, gts250, gts260, or ati hd4770, 4850, 4870, depending on how much you want to spend.

  smokingbeagle 01:03 08 Jun 2009

The power supply of the Dell 5150 is rated at 305w and the graphics slot is PCI-e. Unless you are willing / able to change the power supply, there aren't many usrful suggestions to make regarding graphics cards.

  ambra4 04:19 08 Jun 2009

Take a look at this one

Sapphire ATI Radeon HD4670 512MB GDDR3 TV-Out/DVI PCI-Express

click here

  ambra4 15:05 14 Jun 2009

Double post

click here

Upgrade Graphics Card in Dimension 5150

click here

click here

click here

  tee23uk 17:21 18 Oct 2009

hi i have the d33a27 in mine it works fine i have a problem finding the sound driver ive tried sigmatel it wont go in can anyone help thank you im a newbee

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