Upgrading graphics card/ on-board graphics

  prav_17 13:07 31 Jul 2005


I was thinking of purchasing a budget desktop computer in the near future.

It is likely to have "on-board" graphics on it (Advanced 2D/3D graphics) or alternatively a PCI Express (P4) graphics card. If it helps the motherboard is likely to be Foxconn motherboard K88

With this in mind, will it be possible to buy a dedicated graphics card for an upgrade in the future, e.g. ATI Radeo 8000 or something like that?

Any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated



  Totally-braindead 14:04 31 Jul 2005

If you buy a computer with onboard graphics then all you have to do is ensure it has either an AGP slot or as you have pointed out a PCI Express slot to enable you to install a new card. I personally have no experience with Foxconn motherboards though I notice Novatech sell them. I prefer to get a motherboard by a manufacturer I know and have used in the past such as Gigabyte or MSI.

  LastChip 14:10 31 Jul 2005

I notice ebuyer is also offering a package based around a Foxconn motherboard.

Perhaps it is a marketing push to get the brand recognised. That's not to say there is anything wrong with them, just little is known about them.

The problem can be, when new products come to the market, support can be patchy at best.

Personally, I almost exclusively use Abit boards.

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