Upgrading graphics card

  Ralphie85 16:41 22 Jul 2006

Hi, I think it's about time to get a newer graphics card. Problem is I know virtually nothing, and got scared by people talking about matching power outputs, differing connections and God knows what else.

I have an EMachines 8240 bought from PC World which *I THINK* currently has a Radeon X300SE PCI-E. That's what the sticker says on the front, but I don't trust it.

What cards could I buy without having to mess with my PC's innards in any way? I'm not good enough to go changing anything, I just want a newer more powerful card that I can plug straight in and it will work.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

  Devil Fish 16:48 22 Jul 2006

their are many graphics cards available what sort of budget are you looking at

  Taw® 16:52 22 Jul 2006

Put your motherboard details in here click here and follow it through, it will let you know their recommended board, then you can price on the net.Download this little programme and it will give you all the info needed on the spec i.e. motherboard etc of your computer click here

  Cybermaxx 17:44 22 Jul 2006

A nVidia 7600GT might be a wise choice, because:-

1) They aren't that expensive. You can get one for about £125 at the moment.
2) They use relatively little power, compared with other useful PCIe cards, so chances are youre xisting power supply will will be okay (what is your power supply, anyway?). Ditto for heat.
3) They provide good performance.

  Ralphie85 14:46 23 Jul 2006

Devil Fish, I don't really want to go above £120, but if it's a truly great card I'll consider slightly more.

Taw, I tried Crucial before. It doesn't have my system limited and the scan says I have onboard graphics :(
The other program is great, but what do I need to look for in it?

Cybermaxx, I think I have a 50W supply, how can I check?

Thanks for all the replies so far!

  Cybermaxx 18:10 23 Jul 2006

Ralphie. You do not have a 50w PSU! Typing error? Only way to check is to open the case and read what's written on the label on the PSU itself.

  Ralphie85 18:22 23 Jul 2006

No no, I just have no clue what I'm on about :) That's why I'm asking people who do know.

There are several numbers depending on voltage:

+5V and +3.3V 180W max
+5V and +12Va and 12Vb and +3.3V 288W max

It says somewhere else that it's 300W max with no voltage conditions.

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