Upgrading Graphics Card

  RigsRigs 22:03 20 Mar 2006

I'm looking to make the most cost effective graphics upgrade for my desktop. Its a Pentim 4 2.53 and currently has a Geforce 4 Ti4200.

Whats the best thing to upgrade to get the best performance out of the system?

Looking forward to loads of suggestions!


  DieSse 22:10 20 Mar 2006

*Whats the best thing to upgrade to get the best performance out of the system*

Best performance for what?

How much RAM do you have? What Operating System are you using? What AV program are you using?

The GeF4 Ti4200 was quite a good card - I used one until very recently (the fan failed, and now I use a lesser card) - it's only likely to limit performance on the more recent games.

  ACOLYTE 22:15 20 Mar 2006

Some one posted this link click here i cant remember who it was but i thought it was good deal and am in the process of getting the wife to think so too)

  RigsRigs 22:16 20 Mar 2006


basically its the games stuff - some of my daughters games are starting to look a bit jerky and the details not brilliant.

I've tried turning down the settings but I thought a better card would save me the hassle!

Its 512mb ram would increasing this boost the performance of the existing card?

Many thanks

  ACOLYTE 22:21 20 Mar 2006

If your running xp i would say yes xp is memory hungry and you usually need more ram to run games in xp than other OS's.+ it would probably speed up other things besides games.

  terryf 22:25 20 Mar 2006

If you are going to increase RAM, first check what ram is installed, sometimes the 512mb is made up by 2 x 256mb modules, and to increase to 1mb total you may need to buy 2 x 512mb, get them as a pair.

  RigsRigs 22:31 20 Mar 2006


so I think what we're saying (or what you lot are saying!) is that I should sort the ram out and see what gains in speed that makes?.

Thanks for the link Acolyte - is that the sort of card I should be limiting my upgrade to? I know I have to stick with agp

Thanks to all

  ACOLYTE 22:34 20 Mar 2006

Not at all,your limit i guess is dictated by your budget,you can go for a better card that is up to you,but i think thats a decent card for the price,it will certainly suit my needs.Now if only the wife would see that.....

  RigsRigs 22:37 20 Mar 2006

Thanks for the advice

And good luck with educating the wife!!........

  AndySD 22:37 20 Mar 2006

Well here's an odd thing. My Ti4200 fan failed for the second time in its life last week so I got click here Novatech GeForce 6600 256MB AGP Graphics Card and have seen a major improvement in games.

  RigsRigs 22:41 20 Mar 2006

Thats interesting.

What made you choose that particular card?

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