Upgrading "dual-channel" memory

  freaky 11:22 01 Jul 2005

Would appreciate advice on the following query: -

My PC has an Asus A8V Deluxe MOB. There are 4 slots for memory (PC3200 DDR-Memory 400mhz). Slots 1 and 3 have a pair of 256mb chips. As I wish to upgrade the amount of RAM, I have bought from Crucial 2x512mb chips. My intention was to put the new pair into slots 2 and 4. Looking through Crucial's FAQ, I noticed that it states: If you have a 'dual-channel' system and want to take advantage of that technology, you will need to ensure that the modules in each memory slot are the same density. I notice when this PC boots that it is 'dual-channel'. I am wondering therefore if it is OK to just add the two new chips, or remove the 2 x 256mb chips. In other words is it safe to mix or not.

I phoned Crucial on this matter, and they said it was OK to mix the chips so long that each pair were the same density. However this advice seems to contradict their statement about dual-channel systems. Can anybody advise please?

  Indigo 1 11:26 01 Jul 2005

Have you contacted Asus on thus matter ?

  vinnyT 12:34 01 Jul 2005

I think it means that the two channals have to match to take advantage of dual channal ie your 256mbs in 1 and 3 and the 512mb in 2 and 4.

Also, as you have asked Crucial, if it dosn't work, then just send them back. Crucial are one of the best companies to deal with, both for buying from, and more unusually, if you have probs later.

I think (there's that word again) that you will be fine. I would put the new ram into 1 and 3, as this will be accessed first.

Hope this helps.

  vinnyT 12:39 01 Jul 2005

PS. sorry, I also meant to suggest that you check on asuss' forum (I assume they have one) and check that there are no known probs with accessing dual channal on your mobo.

I say this as I probs with a previous board (can't remember which manu, it may have been Abit), that couldn't use dual channal if all four slots were used.

This prob doesn't apply to you, but maybe worth a little hunting around just to check.

  gudgulf 12:44 01 Jul 2005

I have an Asus p4p800 deluxe board......my memory configuration is slots 1&3 have a 512MB stick and slots 2&4 have a 256MB stick.This runs in dual channel mode just fine.I can see no reason to suggest your A8V board wont do the same.

  TomJerry 13:36 01 Jul 2005

dual channel suppose offer better performance, but you will NOT notice any difference

dual channel is picky, even two sticks with same amount maynot give you dual channel

I do not think you will gain any performance by go over 1GB unless you open a lot of programs at the same time.

  freaky 15:31 01 Jul 2005

Thanks for the information. I downloaded the MOB Manual from the Asus site and it gives all the information about adding/removing Dimm's.

Evidently you can mix different densities of Ram provided they are in pairs on the same channel. You populate the 2 Blue coloured channel's first.

I shall shortly move the PC into the operating theatre, put on my gown, scrub down, earth myself and proceed with operation. Will let you know the result.

  freaky 16:26 01 Jul 2005

Pleased to state that the operation was successful, on boot it is now showing 1.532GB of Ram dual-channel. Have now adjusted the amount of virtual memory to reflect the change. Many thanks to all who replied to my post.

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