upgrading on a budget advice please

  hugh-265156 08:57 27 Jan 2005

hello there folks i wonder could you give me some advice on upgrading my current computer. at present its specs are, dont laugh :-)

1.8P4 celeron, 512 pc2100, geforce ti4200, 1x 80gb hdd, 1x 40gb hdd and this is the motherboard click here

it has a good stab at almost anything and has served me well. it will even play games but it just doesnt play them very well :-) the motherboard will only support up to a maximum of 2.4 P4(400mhz)cpu and pc2100 ram up to 1gig max. im thinking its not worth really worth trying to upgrade it.

i can get a new motherboard click here and an amd sempron 2600+ for under £80 i was thinking i could transfer my current memory and graphics card to it in the time being and then hopfully upgrade the memory and get a better graphics card in a few months time. do you think it would be worth it?

i know the semprons are similar to the new celeron d and are not for those looking for maximum performance but would this be much of an improvement over what i have in the meantime? if i get 6 months to a year out of it that would do me. what do you think?


  georgemac © 09:12 27 Jan 2005

the semprons are not really that far behind the Athlon XP's

your only problem would be your ram would have to run at 266 fsb while the cpu would be running at 333 fsb - I have seen the ram run faster that the cpu bus but never slower - don't know if this is feasible.

Another option you would have is to buy an xp-m 2500+ barton mobile cpu for £70 from cpucity - these are extremely overclockable and will easily go to xp3000 speeds, although again this is run at 266 fsb and you would then still possibly have the same problem with ram speed.

  georgemac © 09:15 27 Jan 2005

also have a look at your power supply - if it is a basic 300 watt or a poor quality one, it may also need upgrading.

If you look at the lable on the psu, check out the max output ratings for +3.3v +5v &+12v rails & post these back.

  georgemac © 09:35 27 Jan 2005

click here this is a sempron 2800 review - OK for normal use but cannot beat an xp2500 barton once you start gaming

you would be better with an xp-m 2500 barton for £70 from cpucity, stay clear of sempron if gaming.

or try ebay for bargains, both my motherboards (MSI) came form ebay for low cost

examples click here not a lot of feedback but nice board

or clearance corners if on budget click here

click here

  TomJerry 09:48 27 Jan 2005

the main problem affects game performance is graphics card, so the best option for you is to get a better graphics card

a few suggestions:

ATI 9800 Pro, around £128.71 click here

ATI 9700 Pro £93.94 click here

ATI 9600 XT £89.24 click here

ATI 9600 Pro £56.24 click here

  hugh-265156 10:51 27 Jan 2005

thank you all

  georgemac © 11:01 27 Jan 2005

remeber also you would be able to sell your old components on ebay to help with your upgrade costs

TomJerry has a good point - you would see a good difference with a 9600 pro for gaming, and I reckon your geforce4 ti4200 would possibly make £25 upwards on ebay.

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