Upgrading BIOS

  K-D-S 13:52 07 Jan 2003
  K-D-S 13:52 07 Jan 2003

I am under the impression that you sometimes need to upgrade your BIOS before you can install certain hardware items. I am pretty sure this is true for, say, installing the latest hard drives, but is it also sometimes true when installing newer graphics cards, or perhaps USB 2 ports, etc.? If so, how do you find out which hardware items your current BIOS can cope with, where can you obtain upgrades, and is the process straight-forward? (I am only an intermediate-level pc user.)My processor is a 750 Mz Athlon, in case this is relevant.

  Elrond 13:58 07 Jan 2003

Very serious indeed is messing with the BIOS. You usuall yget your BIOS upgrades from the Motherboard manufacturer. Upgrading your bios depends on how old the mobo is relly. If you want to install a new graphics card or some usb 2.0 ports i dont think you'd need to mess with the bios. But someone with more know how will let you know. If you get an upgrade wrong then you can render your system totally useless. So be warned. For HDD upgrades you can usually get software with it that can bypass the need for a bios upgrade and save you a lot of hassle. Maxtor HDD use something called EZ-BIOS i believe.

  K-D-S 14:04 07 Jan 2003

Ta mate - very helpful and full answer.

  Amber Alert 04:33 17 Mar 2003

Elrond is correct in saying that messing with your Bios is a serious thing to do, I myself have gone down this route as I wish to upgrade my processor + hard drive. You only mention that you have a 750 MHz Athlon, and not your Pc make and model. I have a Dell Optiplex Pentium II GX1 400 MHz, and I used Ask Jeeves search engine typing in ( Upgrading Dell Optiplex GX1 ) and got quite a few options. But I found 1 link for my machine which gave me the advice to upgrade my Bios version to A07 and the links to find it, so I found the version required downloaded onto a floppy and followed the instruction to the letter. Iv now successfully upgraded my Bios from A03 to A07 now all I have to do is find a Pentium III 1Ghz Processor also recommended, if not I may go down the route of buying a product called Powerleap which is was also a link on the same upgrade page. I would try and find on the internet through a Search engine by typing in your make and model of Pc by upgrading, and you should be able to find some good advice also read as much as you can about the flashing of your Bios if you can. My understanding of the need to change your Bios is if (1) You need to install a larger Hard drive and (2) Upgrading your Processor as to anything else I do not think you have change your Bios.

  John-259217 04:51 17 Mar 2003

If you plan on a BIOS upgrade try the system manufacturers website as well as the motherboards. The reason for this is a string of code in the BIOS uniquely indentified with the maker of the system. OEM versions of windows may not reinstall, should the need arise, if you use m`board makers BIOS. (guess how I found that out :-( !!)

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