upgrading to athlon 64

  User-92DDCDF3-0184-434B-8701EC41369540AF 21:05 22 Feb 2006

hello all.

am currently considering upgrading to an athlon 64 processor and wondering if i will get the benefits for the money.

am currently running a athlon 2800+

msi kt4v m/b
1 gig ram
asus x850xt agp

realise i will need a new mobo but was just wondering how much difference i will see and what particularly to look for.

sorry should have said that i enjoy playing pc games at high resolutions....if that helps

  surfsteruk 21:25 22 Feb 2006

No you wont notice any performance increase at all due to the 64bit capability. I upgraded from P4 2.53 to an AMD 3700+. However, programs run much faster becuase of the faster chip speed.

64bit applications havent surfaced yet and its going to be a while till we do see them so I'd recommend you stick with the 2800+ unless you require the extra CPU speed.

High resolution gaming requires a good performance system and you seem to have a pretty decent spec PC already. A CPU upgrade may see some increase in performance but personally, I would wait and save up for Dual Core.

  ulrich 21:31 22 Feb 2006

If you play games then I would say do it. I don't know but last week I spent £600 on a XFX6800GS G/Card, ASUA SLI Premium M/B. AMD 64 XP3200 CPU, Seasonic 600w PSU, Maxtor Max10 160gb HD oh yes OEM Win XP Home Edition. 3hrs and up and running. Was it worth it my son now spends hrs playing Far Cry and Boiling Point, which he couldn't do before and I can play Il2 Sturmovik{when I get the chance)on excellent settings.

thanks for that...I did spend some money on a asus A8V AMD K8T800PR Skt939 8x AGP DDR400 +SATA RAID m/b just for the fact that the graphics card is excellent and i needed a agp socket(before they stopped making them in favour of pci express) but wondered whether it was worth the wait for dual core prices to come down which surfsteruk seems to think.

have just been having a look but am undecided....which processor represents the best value for money/performance

  surfsteruk 23:05 22 Feb 2006

What processor are you lookint at? 64Bit Athlons or Dual Core?

I would recommend the Athlon 3700+ San dieago core as this is basically the 3500+ but with 1Mb of cache so will perform better.

If Dual Core (pricey) the x2 4400 seems to be the best prices/performance wise for gaming.

the 3700+ was one i was looking at but have read some good reviews regarding the dual core processors also.

havent upgraded for a while regarding processors so have to say that all this 64 bit malarky is bit of a unknown zone to me..so any help would be appreciated.

thanks all

  Jdoki 09:42 24 Feb 2006

I moved from a AMD3500 to an AMDX23800

I've not noticed any decrease in games speed between the two. In many reviews the X2 comes off worse in games tests, but I really can't see it - and I run a Nvidia 6800Ultra so CPU speed is important to avoid any bottleneck at the GPU.

Plus, when multi-threaded games start appearing the dual core X2 will give me a whole heap of 'free' performance.

But then again... my XBox360 kicks the pants off any gaming PC set up I've seen - so for the price of a good CPU you could buy a 360...

Have managed to find a 3200+ 64 bit athlon for approx £100...lots of varying comments as to whether i should wait(as system i have now is fast enough)or should i upgrade.

One thing i have noticed is that there is not much difference in actual cpu speed, (ie 2800+ athlon runs at 2000mhz) and so on, between these new 64 bit processors, or am i barking up the wrong tree.

one person said that the processor i'm currently running would limit the graphics card.

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