upgrading agp x8 graphics

  the old man 19:00 30 Apr 2006

click here
be grateful is the wise sages on the forum would have a look at these two cards and give me a bit of advice. will be upgradeing from an fx5200. don't laugh please.
will be mixed with an athlon xp 2000+ and 512 ram. winxp sp1.

  rmcqua 19:13 30 Apr 2006

Very little to choose between them. I would go for the Asus, simply because I like Asus as a manufacturer and their products have never given me a moment's trouble.

  ed-0 19:15 30 Apr 2006

but how much do you want for the old fx5200, if you wish to sell.

It's a lot better than my card.:-(

  the old man 19:20 30 Apr 2006

None taken.
seeing the price of those still on sale at various outlets I would probably give it away. I have seen them on sale, brand new, for less than £30.

  ed-0 19:30 30 Apr 2006

to hijack your thread. As you can see I know little about AGP cards;-)

If you think you may want to sell it, would you contact me via the yellow envelope. I may be able to make a contribution towards your new card.:-)

  the old man 19:33 30 Apr 2006

I was being truthful. Am obviously using it at mo but if can get decent replacement then you can have it.

  Totally-braindead 19:36 30 Apr 2006
  the old man 19:38 30 Apr 2006

If I may change things slightly as I seem to show a preference to Nvidia cards. Would take recommendations for ATI card at around the same price if people believe I may get better card/performance. Not sure what the equivalent is opposite the GeForce 6600.

  the old man 20:38 30 Apr 2006

click here
just found this one and was wondering how it compared to this one
click here

  Totally-braindead 21:25 30 Apr 2006

This gives you a comparison click here remember that the one they tested was the 6600 128mb card not the 256mb one so it may be a bit better and look at the plain 6600 not the 6600GT as its a different faster card, from what I can see benchmarkwise they seem fairly similar. Though the 6600 is a newer card so will be more up to date with support for Direct X etc.

  keef66 23:08 30 Apr 2006

I have a similar spec to yours; Athlon XP 2100+ 512 mb ram, win XP, and I recently sought advice on what to upgrade to graphics wise. General opinion then was a vanilla 6600, as anything faster wpould then be bottlenecked by the processor.

Morgan have a particularly fine MSI card

click here

Not sure what a 6600LE is, but LE usually denotes a card which is less able than the non LE equivalent.

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