Upgrading AGP graphics card

  Frizmando 17:16 04 Nov 2009

Hi everyone,

I have a system which I bought about 7 years ago (I know...) and until now it's coped admirably with everything I've needed it to. I'm just a bit fed up of the slow graphics card and I think I should upgrade, but being 7 years out of date I'm told the motherboard will only accept an AGP Graphics card with AGP 1.5 Volt slot. Any suggestions on a cheap card that will improve things? I'm not a big gamer, but fancy playing something a bit newer than my retro collection.

Intel P4 2.53GHz
Motherboard - Intel D845EPT2
Current GFX - Nvidia GeForce4 MX420
Graphics interface - AGP version 2 max supported 4x

Thanks in advance guys...

  GaT7 17:34 04 Nov 2009

The only cheap card worth buying will be a secondhand one, e.g. off eBay.

You may be limited by your PSU. What's its rating in Watts?

Also, what's your PC case like? Is it a standard tower, or one of those slim-type cases? G

  Frizmando 18:22 04 Nov 2009

Thanks for the response. The case is a standard size dell tower, and the PSU says max output 250W. The model number is HP - P2507F3R

I figured I might need to look on ebay, but I don't really know what to look out for...?


  GaT7 18:46 04 Nov 2009

A 250W Dell PSU isn't too bad, but I'm not sure of one that's 7 years old. The newer ones are under-rated - i.e. they are considerably better than their rating suggests.

Do you have at least one free PSU molex connector? click here to see what one looks like. If you do, this will broaden your choices.

Arguably the best place to ask about graphics cards upgrades is the Dell Forum - click here is the relevant section. Provide your desktop model number & PSU details.

I'm a bit reluctant to suggest a few suitable cards mainly on account of the PSU, as I'm unsure whether it'll be up to supporting them. G

  MAT ALAN 18:59 04 Nov 2009

click here

This would be my choice BUT you will need to upgrade your PSU it is certainly not man enough as you will need to power any upgraded card direct (not source power from mobo)

I run XP home SP3 with 2.5 gigs memory with a 6600GT 128bit and with the right tweeks its a flier for the not so serious gamer...

  GaT7 19:08 04 Nov 2009

Good suggestion MAT ALAN, but terribly expensive for the particular card. eBay is likely to be a lot cheaper though.

Apart from the added expense, I'm not sure what PSU Frizmando can upgrade too, as it doesn't appear a standard PSU will be suitable. From the motherboard specs click here:

"Do not use a standard ATX power supply. The Desktop Board will not boot with a standard ATX power supply."

The people on the Dell forums will probably know though. G

  MAT ALAN 19:20 04 Nov 2009

Tried Ebay, bit thin on the ground for what i would consider a bargain also a lot of used cards so bit wary there...

See what you mean about the PSU issue tho...

  ambra4 19:25 04 Nov 2009

Take a look at these AGP Graphics Card

Misco Saver FX5200 256MB AGP Graphics Card

click here

PNY GeForce 6200 256Mb AGP Graphics card

click here

Zotac 6200A 256Mb AGP graphics card

click here

  GaT7 19:28 04 Nov 2009

ambra, yes those will easily run off the present PSU. But being basic cards, are they worthwhile upgrades? G

  MAT ALAN 19:30 04 Nov 2009

There are some good choices it will really depend on what you want it to do.
used to hav an FX5200 (still got ot somewhere) great little card in the right setup...

  GaT7 19:33 04 Nov 2009

From the initial post:

"I'm not a big gamer, but fancy playing something a bit newer than my retro collection."

I was thinking more along the lines of a 6600GT, 6800GT, 7600GT, 7600GS, 2600, 2600 XT, Ti 4800, 9800 Pro. The newer breed are expensive (3650 & above click here) & will reguire a PSU upgrade by the looks of it. G

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