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  RJack 14:20 15 Nov 2007

I have a budget of £250 but i don't think i will be able to upgrade much on my current set up any ideas?

Currently Have:

Processor: AMD64 3000

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-K8VT800 (can't remember which one was old 754 socket or 939 socket but i have the older of the two)

Memory: 2GB (1x1GB 3200 PC400 DDR Ram) & (2x512mb 3200 PC400 DDR Ram)

Graphics Card: BFG GeForce 7600 GS OC 512MB DDR2 HDTV/DVI (AGP)

OS: Windows Home Edition

I don't know much about upgrading but i thought it would be worth giving a go. Any suggestions for upgrades on my budget would be much appreciated.


  RJack 14:27 15 Nov 2007

I forgot to add i want to upgrade to make my computer more upto date to play games like Hellgate & Bioshock. I know my budget is small but it's worth a try ;)

  Totally-braindead 17:56 15 Nov 2007

Firstly your OS. XP Home, if its an OEM copy and you do change the motherboard it will fail validation and Microsoft might or might not revalidate it. If they won't then you have to buy a new copy £60.

If your case is ok and your power supply is reasonable then you could use your case, power supply and optical and hard drives. In that case you could get something like one of these click here and add a graphics card PCI Express one but you might be struggling to get a really good card and a motherboard, processor and memory for £250.

Upgrading is out as far as I am concerned as you can't get a faster processor for that socket and that where you need to start.

If your power supply and case need replaced then you might look at these click here but they all come with 400 watt power supplies I think and that might be too low for a good graphics card and therefore it might be better just to get a new, decent, branded power supply, minimum 600 watts to allow for extras.

To be honest you might be as well with a complete new PC.

  topdude 19:21 15 Nov 2007

Well i suggest you have a go and upgrade.
Look at component suppliers for a "barebones bundle"
Novatech is one i have used with great results.
You can get a Motherboard/Processor/Heatsink/Memory all assembled and tested. Add an 8600 PCI-E graphics card and a new power supply and pop it all in your case. Should come within your budget and you get loads of satisfaction doing it.

  RJack 12:15 16 Nov 2007

Thanks for the great advise. It looks like i may have to work over my budget.

I will need a new case as my current one does have enough ventilation in it & i suspect with a newer motherboard it will over heat

How about this case?

click here

I thinking of going Intel Core 2 Duo but should i try & spend the extra & go Dual Core 2 Quad? Will this make a noticeable difference in gaming to make it worth my while?

click here

If i was to go for the Dual Core 2 Quad i would probably have to invest in a cheaper GFX so can you recommend a GFX card too ?

I'm guessing but 6750 processor is faster than 6600?

Many thanks again & sorry for all the questions

  keef66 13:31 16 Nov 2007

Won't be any games in the forseeable future which will make use of quad core. Get a faster Core 2 Duo; i'd recommend the E6750 (it will operate at a higher fsb than the E6600, up to 1333mhz)

And the Antec 900 you linked to is an excellent case.

  RJack 13:47 16 Nov 2007

Thanks for the feedback

Just a couple more questions should i spend the extra to get the P53 Chipset or is G33 ok? Is there much difference?

Also as i need to upgrade my Graphics card to PCI-E as current is AGP should i look at a low. Any recommendations as these?

click here

Thanks again

  RJack 13:58 16 Nov 2007

I quite like the look of this card

click here

Is this a bit middle of the range? Should i look for better?

  keef66 14:53 16 Nov 2007

I would only worry about the mobo chipset if you're planning to overclock it.

The 8800gt cards in your links are virtually top of the range; it's certainly the very best you can get for less than £200. Only difficulty at the moment is finding one in stock somewhere.

  RJack 15:16 16 Nov 2007

Grat in that case i go for the G33 & get some extra memory.

So i'll probably go for this

Antec Nine Hundred Ultimate Gamer Case

Barebones Bundles - Heatsink and Fan, 2GB DDR2 800Ram, Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 Intel G33 Motherboard

EVGA NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT KO 512MB PCI Express Graphics Card - Retail (675MHz Core Clock) (1950MHz Memory Clock) (1500MHz Shader Clock)

800MHz 240Pin 1024MB PC6400 DDR2 RAM DIMM 1.8V

Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio card with X-Fi Crystalizer / PCI 24bit / 96kHz Soundcard

I'll probably wait until the graphics card is in stock then order the lot together.

Just hoping with the Mobo bundle already assembled it should be easy enough to put together.

Not bad for under £600 too

Thanks again

  topdude 20:45 16 Nov 2007

looks like your £250 budget has escallated ?

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