Upgrading 98se to XP

  GRFT 10:16 01 Feb 2005

At long last I've decide to take the plunge. I've ordered the retail upgrade version and wonder what problems are in store, and can I do a clean installation instead of over 98se? Naturally all essential data is backed-up. I imagine a lot of new drivers will have to be downloaded to get most of my applications working and will Office97 still be useable?
Many thanks.

  Jeffers22 10:24 01 Feb 2005

You should be able to do a clean install with an upgrade CD. It will ask you to put your 98 CD in the drive to verify that you have actually got a 98 licence. The XP CD will come with all drivers that have been updated to XP as at the date it was produced, so you should have minimal driver downloads.

If you are concerned, and you have the disk space, why not create a partition (say 10Gb) and install XP on that giving you a dual boot PC until you have tested everything runs as you want under XP. The setup routine should ask you to choose a location for the install (choose D:) and will set up the multi boot facility automatically.

  temp003 10:27 01 Feb 2005

Can I do clean installation - yes, in 98, put in XP CD, select install xp, select from the drop down list install a new copy (advanced), and proceed. When asked to restart, let it restart. Let the computer start from hard disk (not from CD with this method). Follow the prompts. Choose to install a fresh copy of XP (if asked), choose C to install XP to, when given formatting options, choose format with NTFS.

At some stage you may be asked to insert a qualifying CD, just insert the 98 CD. Then switch back to XP CD.

A lot of drivers to be installed - I suspect XP will have most of the hardware drivers. The tricky bit is the dial up modem, if you use one. Better go into Device Manager, write down the description of the modem (brand, model etc), and see if you can find an XP driver for your modem.

Office 97 will work on XP.

  GRFT 12:08 01 Feb 2005

Well, what a rapid response! All my questions answered already. Thank you very much indeed.

  Stuartli 12:13 01 Feb 2005

I moved up from 98SE to XP Pro about 15 months ago - it all went remarkably smoothly and all of the programs, applications and utilities used with 98SE worked just as well with XP (to my relief).

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