upgrading 98 to xp

  fire 10:47 29 Jan 2008

hi i have tried to do a favour for mate at work and upgrade his 98 pc to xp. the installation goes through to around 18mins left restarts and then shows 49 mins of installation time remaining. i have now got to a point where the pc can not boot as its searching for a boot file. i really could do with getting to a position where i can format the drive and start again if any body could help thank you

  ventanas 11:01 29 Jan 2008
  Totally-braindead 11:11 29 Jan 2008

I feel I have to mention that if the PC is rather old and has a slow processor and little memory you will find it very slow running XP rather than win98.
Thought I would mention it as a friend of mine did it last year with his old PC, I incidently had told him not to as it was too old, and he found it far too slow. Of course you friends PC might be a higher spec one.

  fire 11:14 29 Jan 2008

unfortunately i dont have 4 floppys is there a way around this to get it booting????

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:51 29 Jan 2008
  woodchip 18:18 29 Jan 2008

What about the key and Activation ??????

  fire 19:05 29 Jan 2008

is there not a boot system that uses only 1 floppy or am i missing something....cheers

  MAJ 19:24 29 Jan 2008

You mention 'upgrading', fire. Are you upgrading 98 to XP or are you doing a clean install. The former is not advised as a clean install is always better. Why do you want to boot from floppy? Make sure the PC is set to boot from the CDROM drive, insert the XP CD, restart the PC, press any key to boot from the CD when prompted to and follow the onscreen prompts to format the drive (as NTFS) and install XP.

That's assuming the PC is capable of running XP.

  fire 20:44 29 Jan 2008

i cant do that because i started to install but it freezes and restarts the install, i need to get to format hd now....but i onky have 1 floppy disc.....

  citadel 21:09 29 Jan 2008

When I upgaded I got a new hd as I think it's best to start fresh and it saves having to change a old drive that may not have much lifetime left anyway.

  MAJ 21:16 29 Jan 2008

okay then, fire, but you get the option to format the drive when the CD starts to run, before the install process.

Anyway, if you want to use a boot floppy to format the drive, then click here and download the "Windows 98 SE OEM" file, put a floppy disk into the floppy drive and run the downloaded file. That will extract to the floppy disk.
Now make sure the PC is set to boot from the floppy drive, insert the floppy disk you have just created and restart your PC. When prompted, choose the option to boot with cdrom support. When you get the A:\> prompt, type in:

format C:

and press Return. That will format the disk as FAT32 (you can convert to NTFS later).

Remember here, that if the XP CD is an 'upgrade CD', you'll need to have the Windows 98 disk to verify that you qualify for the upgrade when you get to installing XP.

When the drive is formatted (you'll lose all files on the drive), insert the XP CD and type in, at the A:\> prompt:


press Return and follow the onscreen instructions to install XP.

E:/setup assumes that your CDROM drive was drive D:, if it was drive E: type

F:/setup, etc.

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