misters 16:40 12 Jan 2003
  misters 16:40 12 Jan 2003

Hi I'm thinking of buying a new pc with OS XP, my old one runs win 98.

My question is, will my old software disc work on my new machine? as the disc only seem to apply to win 98 or win 95.

  Lú-tzé 16:56 12 Jan 2003

What "software disc" is it? I mean, what software is on the disk?

Much (most?) older software runs ok on XP. Check for compatibility on the manufacturers site.

  misters 17:19 12 Jan 2003

The software can be anything from Games to my nero cdrom. All it says on the disc is campataible with win/95 win/98.
Oh yeah also my office suit 2000.

  Lú-tzé 17:23 12 Jan 2003

Some versions of Nero require an update - freely available from their site (ahead.de).

What is your office suite? MS office 2000 is compatable, I am not sure about the games. As I suggested, check the manufacturer's site if you are unsure of anything.

  -pops- 17:36 12 Jan 2003

Assuming your Nero is a 5xxx version and you have the product key/code, you can download the latest version from the Nero website. No need to bother installing the old version then.

I did install Office 97 on to XP but it was a bit grinding and ovbiously not liked. I took it out fairly quickly!

Games are more problematic. There are facilities in XP itself to check compatibility as well as on the XP website.


  misters 17:43 12 Jan 2003

What i'm really saying is "will the new pc running win XP reconise my older win 98 disc whe i put the in the rom drive"? Also yes it is MS office 2000.

  powerless 17:46 12 Jan 2003

"will the new pc running win XP reconise my older win 98 disc whe i put the in the rom drive"?"


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