Upgrades, any ideas?

  Egg McKane 15:01 17 Apr 2003

After long head scratching and bank account pondering i've decided to change the guts in my pc as its not as fast as i want it to be. I've already ordered a new graphics card (Sapphire radeon 9000 atlantis pro) and want to get new processor, mobo & memory has anyone got any thoughts about this? 500Mhz is gona be a minimum but more would be nice although im no millionaire so price is a big factor!

  MartinT-B 15:06 17 Apr 2003

Post your current PC specs Please.

I guarantee you will get a fair few considered responses.

  Egg McKane 15:21 17 Apr 2003

Its a Tiny,
MAIN CIRCUIT BOARD/ Board: Micro Star Inc. Intel 440/100FBS, Bus clock: 100Mhz, BIOS: American megatrends, Inc0715.
PROCESSOR/ 450Mhz Intel PIII, 32kilobyte primary memory cache, 512kilobyte secondary memory cache.
MEMORY MODULES/ 64megabytes installed memory.
GRAPHICS CARD/ ATI rage 128 xpert.

  Paranoid Android 15:30 17 Apr 2003

You may be a little out of date setting your minimum spec at 500Mhz. You will have difficulty getting anything less than double that amount. Eg Duron 1.1 gigs now under 20 quid (ex vat) with an Athlon XP1800+ slightly over double that amount.

The good news is for this sort of spec you don't need the latest motherboard although the upgrade, coupled with your new graphics card, will still blow your socks off.

However make sure you you get at least a DDR 266FSB motherboard, then you can always change the CPU later. Offerings by ASUS and Gigabyte are very good, and you should be able to find something that will cater for up to XP2400+ for under 60 quid.

Finally don't neglect the hard disk, thay have got much faster in the last few years and a slow ATA33 or ATA66 disk will slow down your system.


  Paranoid Android 15:36 17 Apr 2003

PS : Memory - 256 Mb for Windows 98, 512Mb for Windows XP.

For a 266FSB motherboard choose PC2100 DDR RAM.

IF you end up with a 333FSB motherboard then get PC2600 or PC2700 DDR RAM.


  Egg McKane 15:44 17 Apr 2003

Mr Paranoid Android you are a king!

This is all new to me and i dont know what will interact with what so can you make up a shopping list of what i should go looking for to make a pc to be proud of as you really sound like you know whats what!

  MartinT-B 15:55 17 Apr 2003

There are some excellent MoBo's out there with Intergrated sound, USB2, Firewire and Ethernet connections all 'on-board' saving you having to add cards etc.

They range from about £50.00 to £100.00 + VAT and, as in all things, you get what you pay for.

I got the Asus A7N8X Deluxe and LOVE IT, but it ain't cheap. Having said that I won't be changing it in the forseeable future.

Personally, I'd get the best MoBo I could, and as Paranoid says above one with at least 266FSB. I got my Athlon 2400+ for about £60.00 and 2x256MB RAM from Crucial for about £65.00.

For me these were the most important, next in order was the Graphics card, but you have one on order already. You can re-use your floppy CD etc. and upgrade those later.

You should be able to pick up a good looking case at a PC fair for about £30-40 or a basic Beige will cost you less than £20.00 on-line.

What about an OS. Are you intending to stick with 98? No problem, it's a perfectly good OS. I bought XP Pro and it came with Service Pack 1 and WMPlayer 9 already on. It's now available OEM for about £95.00 + VAT.

Lastly Monitor. I compromised on that as I don't have the £500.00 for the Black TFT I really need (LOL) I got a 19" Hitachi (flat CRT) for about £160.00 + VAT and to be honest the picture is STUNNING. I watch my DVDs on it now, rather than on my TV.

  Egg McKane 16:07 17 Apr 2003

Thanks MartinT-B

Im gona do abit of shopping now i think, the case & monitor will have to wait for abit though as im concentrating on the insides first.
Thanks guys.

  Paranoid Android 16:16 17 Apr 2003

OK, since you ask, try this :

click here (Put the code numbers below in the search box.)

Asus A7N266-VM-L Ebuyer code 34910 £ 47.23 incl vat Onboard Geforce graphics, LAN, 5.1 sound, 3X PCI slots plus AGP4 slot
(Up to Athlon XP1900+ out of the box, upgrade BIOS then up to Athlon XP2400+.)

AMD Duron 1.3 cpu Ebuyer code 32320 £ 28.49 incl vat

Coolermaster HAC-V81 XDream Heatsink & Fan SKT A Upto Xp2800 with Fan Speed Adjustment Ebuyer code 43374 £ 12.33 incl vat

256Mb PC2100 DDR RAM Ebuyer code 20929 £ 25.20 incl vat.

Others will no doubt have their own suggestions, this is just a quick recommendation based on quality components at lowest cost.

Happy shopping


  Paranoid Android 16:27 17 Apr 2003

PS I'm not a king, I'm just a sad robot with a computer fixation.

Nobody loves me. :[

  Egg McKane 16:42 17 Apr 2003

Hows this?

ASUS A7N8X Deluxe.
Athlon 2400+ with heatsink & fan.
Crucial PC2100 256mb DDR 184pin DIMM.

Is that gona work or not?

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