Upgraded RAM but system no faster

  Axii9 10:32 18 Jun 2011

Hi I upgraded the 1 GB ddr2 RAM module to a compatible 2GB one from offtek in my Samsung nc250 netbook. I followed an internet guide to upgrade which was very simple for my system. However, I have seen no noticeable improvement in speed at all. It had been used for a week prior to upgrade so was pretty new.

Anybody have any ideas of what I might do or what I might have not done?

  johndrew 10:51 18 Jun 2011

Is the new RAM being seen by BIOS? You can check using 'My Computer/Properties', the amount should be shown in the 'General' list at the bottom.

Is the RAM fitted the same speed as the original? i.e. the label should be DDR-XXX where the XXX is the same for both.

Is it installed correctly? Good contact, correct slot?

  lotvic 11:03 18 Jun 2011

"no noticeable improvement in speed"

What speed are you meaning? do you mean Internet surfing and time taken for pages to load or the running of software program tasks on your netbook?

  Axii9 11:19 18 Jun 2011

Thanks for replies.

johndrew I checked and the installed memory is showing as 2.00 GB. The module has the same numbers : 2GB SO-DIMM DDR2 PC2-6400 I checked and it is fitted correctly.

lotvic I mean the speed of start up of the system, start up/ loading of software and running of software, especially when I have a few applications running at the same time. E.g. when I checked what johndrew above suggested, it took ages for the properties to show up.

  johndrew 11:24 18 Jun 2011

Have you done a malware/virus scan? Or maybe cleaned out the rubbish with Ccleaner or similar? Both may also cause this slowdown.

  canarieslover 11:54 18 Jun 2011

It's only a single core processor and the machine is designed really just for internet use, hence the name netbook. Upgrading the ram makes no significant difference, you will make more difference by dumping all the manufacturer installed 'utilities' as a lot of these run from startup and are in the background using up valuable processor time. Check 'Startup' in 'Start,Menu' and remove shortcuts from there, you can always start them manually if you need them any other time. Use Ccleaner - Tools, Startup to see what else is running and remove any there that you don't need. Use a 'lightweight AV' like M$ Security Essentials that does not hog system resources.

  woodchip 12:56 18 Jun 2011

You will not se no speed difference in normal use, it will be faster when you use it for Photo And Video Editing

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