upgraded now no Audio

  pjelliott 20:59 23 Nov 2005

my computer we bought 3 yrs ago had Winxp installed on it and had no winxp disk as a backup i decided to purchase Winxp professional and upgrade,all went well with the upgrade and i am very happy with new os but i have no audio what so ever.In device manager C-Media AC97 audio Device has an exclamation mark on it when i double click on this it says this device cannot start Code 10 can anyone help please

  sinbad1 21:22 23 Nov 2005

sounds like you need to update the driver click here

  Stuartli 21:41 23 Nov 2005

C-Media makes various onboard sound chips. See its website:

click here

I used an onboard 8738 chipset for about four years before being given a Soundblaster Live!

The difference is sound is not all that obvious using my IBM 2.1 speaker system, although the Creative card does provide a somewhat more full-bodied sound.

However, the C-Media provides remarkable sound quality for a chipset that can be acquired in PCI card form from around £5 to £10...:-)

The website has/used to have an audio demonstration package which includes a helicopter flying both in front and "behind" - the chipset's 3D simulation is very effective and realistic.

  pjelliott 22:14 23 Nov 2005

For sinbab1
thks but no joy wiv this driver still same problem

For Stuartli
thks to u as well looks as if i will have to invest in a pci soundcard (C-Media)

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