upgraded to norton internet security

  milkydave 18:36 17 Jul 2007

We have now installed norton internet security 2007 but every time we come out of the internet we get error message iexplore.exe Application Error.The exception unknown (oxoeefade) occured in the application at location ox7c812a5b.followed by error message. Error runtime error 217 at o26df48e. any suggestion on how to fix. Have emailed Symantec with error but no answer yet.

  skidzy 18:47 17 Jul 2007

Uninstall with the removal tool click here


Reinstall NI 2007

  clucker 20:02 17 Jul 2007

I had problems with Norton Internet Security 2006, I ran live update & found my E-mail would not work, their web site said upgrade to N.I.S.2007 & all would be resolved...Ha.. was it eck as like..!! their chat room troubleshooter went on for 45mins or more could not resolve the problem and promptly disconnected me without an answer to my problem. I am now looking through the archives of these forums to find a "decent" reliable Security solution, I am Norton free..!!do the same, it seems like Norton starts of ok but then slowly gets worse & causes more problems than it is worth. Bin it..!!

  skidzy 20:18 17 Jul 2007

Something for you to ponder over click here

  clucker 20:58 17 Jul 2007

Thanx for the link Skidzy, Sorry to hijack your thread milkydave but some good advice there..!

  milkydave 16:58 18 Jul 2007

Thanks for your help have already uninstalled and then reinstalled product and still same problem.

Still haven't heard back from Symantec, though they said reply within two days! Haven't tried the chat line yet, maybe try that one, just very annoying to spend nearly £50 on a disc that has now put a problem on our system!

So is it best to do away with Norton internet security all together and try some other ones?

  skidzy 18:17 18 Jul 2007

Myself and many others would not have Norton near there machines let alone installed...sorry !

Im sorry you have paid all that money for a product that is giving a bit of trouble.

When you removed Norton,did you use the removal tool ?
The tool is needed to remove obsolete registry entries that the uninstaller leaves behind.

Not all but most now use freeware as in my link above to very good effect.
Maybe this is something to consider if you cannot get Norton sorted out.

Just a wild guess here,its possible its the live update as this seems to cause a lot of issues.

If you would like my opinion:
Ditch Norton (sorry £50 down the drain)
Use the removal tool and then run ccleaner click here
And then use 1 AV and 1 firewall from my link above,there are plenty of other free programs that will look after and secure your system in that link.

  mfletch 18:40 18 Jul 2007

Put Norton down as a Expensive trail,

Now you know it is nothing but trouble and you have to pay for the privilege! I would cut your loss and use something of skidzy;s link,

I personally would recommend,

Avast/ FREE Antivirus click here

Comodo/ FREE Firewall click here

These are your main ones,

Also download these,

SuperAntiSpyware click here

Spybot click here

Spyware Blaster click here

Windows Defender click here

Hope this helps you,


  milkydave 18:52 18 Jul 2007

Used the removal tool when we removed Norton, in fact we tried it twice. Looks like we will have to ditch it and try one of the other methods mentioned.
Do we need just one of each protection? We have Webroot spysweeper on at the mo.

  mfletch 19:00 18 Jul 2007

Hi You only need One Antivirus and one Firewall,

But you can download all the others as they are stand alone programs,

Just run one at a time {I alternate mine use one every two days or so}

Windows defender runs in the back ground and provides active protection,


  Pine Man 19:01 18 Jul 2007

I had problems with Norton products and as long as you have a receipt they will refund what you paid for it. You will have to search very hard on Symantecs web site but there is definitely an address (Irish I think) where you can return software. It is only the disks that they want back. Not the books and packaging etc.

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