Upgraded Graphics Card Problems

  raymak 18:49 16 Mar 2004

New AGP Graphics Card

I have two PC's and decided to use the "bits" fom my older desktop and have them put into a new case etc with new motherborad, processor (2,500mhz) and 120 gb memory.

After the upgrade had been done I then decided to upgrade the graphics card to an nvidia Geforce 4 MX440 8 x AGP which I've fitted myself. The problem I have is that when I connect the monitor to the AGP card the system boots ok, however the monitor turns itself off into standby. I've tried changing the refresh rate - no luck; I've tried booting in safe mode - no luck; I've tried taking the PCI card out so that only the AGP card is fitted - no luck. It's the original monitor which is a CRT one and I used it when I had Windows 98 SE on the old PC and it worked fine.

  Rayuk 19:32 16 Mar 2004

Try reseating the graphics card

  raymak 18:34 17 Mar 2004

tried resetting the graphics card...doesn't work

  Rayuk 19:04 17 Mar 2004

What graphics did you have before you upgraded?was it onboard if so did you remove graphics drivers for old setup and instal new drivers.

  raymak 00:08 20 Mar 2004

I did remove the previous grahics card and driver

  User-312386 01:00 20 Mar 2004

i had this problem

go into BIOS and disable onboard graphics

To go to BIOS retsart computer and start hitting the delete key

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