upgraded cpu will not boot up

  vin 18:50 31 Mar 2006

I have a celeron 500 cpu rated at 66mhz Bus frequency and am trying to install a celeron 750 cpu which also has 66Mhz Bus frequency.The mother board (Elite P6BAT -A+)is capable of supporting the cpu upgrade.
When i swap the cpu's over the system does not boot up.

Do i need to clear CMOS Memory before the inserting the new CPU?
I have manualy changed the Bus frequeny but to no avail.

Can any one help?

  ed-0 19:36 31 Mar 2006

From what I can see, you may be mistaken. It looks as if it can take a 733Mhz @ 66 Mhz fsb celeron. There is no mention of a 750 celeron, do they do them at 66Mhz?

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Could it be you have a 750Mhz @ 100Mhz fsb cpu?

  Stuartli 19:51 31 Mar 2006

I used to have the Elite P6BXT-A+ * (Ver 1.3) with first a Celeron 400MHz Socket 370 and then a Slot1 PentiumIII; because these CPUs were continually being improved a Bios upgrade was needed to use the faster versions.

  DieSse 00:03 01 Apr 2006

I can't find any reference at all to a 750MHz Celeron of any bus speed.

  WhiteTruckMan 06:01 01 Apr 2006

Are you saying that windows will not start up or that the machine is pretty much a dead lump?, i.e. lights are on but no-one is home.

If the latter as I suspect then a number of things spring to mind. provided that you have not got your sums wrong and have rediculously overclocked it by mistake. (I'm not throwing stones in glass houses here as I've done it myself),

If you have the speed set too slow all that should happen is that it will runn slow, thats all.

First thing to do is pop the old cpu back in and see if it all works. then ask yourself if the new cpu is a known working unit. next, be sure that the cpu fan is plugged into the right place. some boards will not let the machine boot if no power is being drawn by the fan. Next might seem simple, but you have been monkeying around with the guts, so check the seasting of other components like memory and graphics card.

Good luck.


  vin 13:28 01 Apr 2006

Sorry i should have stated celeron 733Mhz. not 750Mhz.

  vin 13:34 01 Apr 2006

White TruckMan.
When i say it will not boot up It does not even get to the initial screen where it shows memory ands Cpu. status etc and asks to press DELETE to enter setup screen.
There is a boot up noise as if it is trying to boot up and no lights.

All works fine with old cpu and new cpu is in working order.

  ed-0 13:34 01 Apr 2006

then it should fit alright;-)

Use the jumper on the motherboard to clear the cmos and try again.

Don't alter the fsb ratio jumper to 100Mhz, you could damage the cpu. It should run at 66Mhz as you have said.

  Stuartli 13:36 01 Apr 2006

Take everything out except the graphics card and memory and then, first with the old and then with the new CPU in place, see if it will boot up into the Bios.

To check out Celeron CPUs go to:

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  vin 14:58 01 Apr 2006

I cleared the cmos memory bt this has not helped.Any other sugestions?

  DieSse 15:21 01 Apr 2006

The are 5 PCB versions of this model, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3A, 2.0, and 2.2 - do you know which yours is?

There are also BIOS updates for processor variants - do you know what BIOS revision you have?

The manual for the 1.1 version only talks about Celeron processors of 466MHz, for instance - so it's possible you have a version that won't support a prcessor of the new speed.

Some Celerons also came in Slot1 packaging - is yours Slot1 or PPGA?

Can you tell us the exact set of wording on the processor itself?

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