Upgrade"Can I Do It"

  DWANE PYPE 21:57 09 Mar 2003

Silver Surfer in need of help and guidence!!
Present system:Pentium 2:intel 333 mhz processor: 4Gb HDD:256mb memory(pc100,68 pin sdram dimm (16x64):Mother board???;Tower case:OS 98me:
Would like to upgrade with these components:
MotherBoard-AsusA7N266-VM-L SktA:Processor-AMD
Athlon 1700:Coolermaster Hac-181 Heatsink&Fan:
Western Digital Caviar 40Gb HDD.
Can I use the memory I have now,or have to fit
more "modern" ones. So is this possible,and what
are the Pros&Cons.Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Dwane Pype.

  powerless 22:07 09 Mar 2003

That motherboard requires DDR RAM you have SDRAM you cannot mix the two, so you'll have to buy DDR type RAM...

click here

Pros - Faster system

Cons - if you happy with what you got, why change?

  Pesala 22:13 09 Mar 2003

At the risk of being called a wet-blanket or worse, I would suggest passing on your perfectly usable but outdated PC to a student while it is still in one piece, and buying a complete new system with a warranty and modern Operating System like Windows 2000.

  DieSse 22:17 09 Mar 2003

You will almost certainly also need a larger power supply.

Pesala's advice is very sound - but for Win2000 read WinXP I suggest.

  DWANE PYPE 00:34 10 Mar 2003

I bow to superior knowledge,I was probably being
over ambitious realy, but is it possible just to
fit a larger HDD,with out to much hassle.
Thanks Again

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