Upgrade to XP?

  iamalipaul 20:52 03 Jul 2003

I have win98se on my pc and I am thinking of upgrading to xp. I dont really want to reinstall all my apps and the kids games:-
Is it better to buy the upgrade version or the full version?

Will the upgrade keep all my apps and settings?

Is it worth it?

ps my hardware should be up to xp (amd 1700+ 40Gb etc..)

  VoG II 21:00 03 Jul 2003

Even with an update disk you can format first then install XP and it will ask to "see" your W98 CD to prove your entitlement. Alternatively the XP setup can format the drive then install.

The conventional wisdom on this forum is to wipe everything and start from scratch to get rid of any dross. However, personally I've upgraded from 98 to ME and then to XP and my XP works perfectly (but the less said about ME the better!).

  VoG II 21:02 03 Jul 2003

The upgrade will keep all your apps and settings. However, this does not mean that all your apps will work!

Use this to check click here

  SimonC 21:02 03 Jul 2003

Yeah Baby - Do It, You'll never regret it

It is better to buy full but hey not for u coz u only want to upgrade and anyhoo, tho' I'm not certain, I believe if in the future if u want to do a clean install, you just have to prove to the upgrade disk that u have a legit previous OS so if u do, then you've got all bases covered!.


  madPentium 21:17 03 Jul 2003

Depending how new your system is, your biggest issue will be drivers for your hardware. XP is pretty good but get ready for your modem not to be recognised.

  Despicable Desperado 21:31 03 Jul 2003

If you do an upgrade XP will not necessarily install it's default drivers (which cover a hell of a lot of devices) hence some devices will not work. That is why a clean install is always preferred. As well as, of course, getting rid of all the drivel, clutter etc that Win98 seems to collect!!!

  BillEmm 21:36 03 Jul 2003

Windows XP is not a natural successor to Win9x or WinME therefore 'upgrading' should not be an option. The process Microsoft provides is pretty good but it is not flawless.

Without any doubt the best option is to perform a clean install and re-install all the old programs etc on top after making sure that each of the products is supported by XP.

You will find that some products need upgrades to work while other mean buying a new release or version.

It is extremely important that you check what upgrades you need for each product and for every device on your machine. I have spent a lot of time just updating drivers to fix reported problems from agonised users who hated XP to start with, simply because they did not go through some form of planning process.

There are some who report no problems going through the upgrade route - I haven't met any of them - but I have no reason to disbelieve them either. It is just that all my users who made the transition the 'hard' way experienced problems of one sort or another - and all compatibility related.

I'm afraid there are many out there who have returned to their previous OS because they could not get XP working or get their problems fixed.

Moving to WinXP is a worthwhile migration and done with care will be painless and rewarding.

A few of my thoughts for consideration.


  swapper 22:01 03 Jul 2003

When I bought my new PC I asked for Win98 to be installed, not Winxp, because I had heard about so many problems with XP.
I was advised "Have Winxp, it will be a new install, you will love, I did and I do"

  Chegs ® 22:30 03 Jul 2003

I hate XP(although I use it most often)I am fortunate enough to have several GB's storage so I imaged my drive with 98se and then XP installed(after d/l ALL the updates for both OS's)Now I can run XP until I get bored hunting round its bloat for ways to cure any probs,switch to 98se or even boot up a Linux setup(whenever I need to improve my typing :-) ...)and be up searching the net inside half an hour.I rarely bother with my 98se/Linux tho' as XP rarely gives much trouble.I tried installing it over my 98se,and suffered instant instability,but had to persevere as upgrade over 98se was the only way to get my scanner working.Then HP released an XP driver,and I had a few hassles getting XP to accept the scanner,but once a succesful install of the scanner was achieved,I imaged the drive.Only prob now,is I changed mobo,and XP insists the scanner be disabled in Device Manger as it never switches it off,and when its lamp expires,I will get a newer scanner that XP will be happy to have. :-)

  dfghjkl 22:35 03 Jul 2003

best thing since sliced bread,i am a novice i really liked 98se but since xp i can do so much more,very helpful,a little too helpful sometimes but you can tailor it to suit your needs.i am using xp pro,but i think the only differance is networking but home is just as good,ok so i lost the use of my modem,but it tells you what it wont recognise,you just have to get drivers first and put them on a disc,i got bb so it ,never bothered me,good luck,you will have to do it one day when ms stops supporting 98 etc

  iamalipaul 00:12 04 Jul 2003

thanks for the words guys

Ill probably backup my settings and go for a clean install

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