Upgrade to XP

  Inverjazz 10:44 19 Apr 2003

What's the procedure for upgrading from Windows 98SE to XP? Is it necessary to have Win98 actually istalled or is it enough to have the installation disk to hand when installing XP to a clean hard drive?

  MAJ 10:49 19 Apr 2003

You just need the Win 98 CD, Inverjazz. It's better if you do a clean install of XP rather than upgrading Win 98. That, of course, will mean that you have to backup all your Files, pictures documents etc. but it's worth the extra effort in the long run.

  Inverjazz 11:07 19 Apr 2003

Thanks, MAJ, that's all I want to know, but I may try an install over Win98. If it doesn't work, no big deal. I've got everything I need backed up.

  TaffyTony 14:46 19 Apr 2003

Before I upgraded to XP I found that it's users fell into two camps. Those that loved it and those that hated it.

On further questioning it seemed to me that those that loved it were poeple who installed it completely fresh and that that hated it had upgraded from 98.

Just a thought !

I'm with MAJ all the way.

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