Upgrade without a clue!!

  jake2 21:50 02 Jan 2004

Learning about upgrading by doing it bit by bit, started by changing 56kb dial up for adsl & installing bb, installing 5 port usb 2.0 pci hub, finaly changing cpu from athlon 1500+ to 2400+. System has 60gb hd and 512mb ram running xp home. Thinking about changing motherboard next from asus a7a266 to epox ep-8kra2. Asus runs at 266mhz epox can run at 200,266,333 or 400 if i,m reading spec right. does this mean that every component on the board must run at the same fsb frequency? or is the motherboard capable of running with say at athlon 2700+ cpu and other components from the 266 mobo? Apologies if this is a really stupid question!

  woodchip 21:56 02 Jan 2004

Don't think there could be a stupid question on hear, for there to be any benifit I would think that the FSB will move with the CPU and Memory. And wiil speed up all the items on the board

  jake2 22:10 02 Jan 2004

Cheers woodchip, been hearing that the easiest way to speed up a pc is to add ram, at the moment got 2 x 256 ddr, mobo could support 2gb. If I went for 2 x 512mb ddr would that make a noticeable diff? Think my next move may be increase ram & get a better graphics card. At the moment got an nvidia geforce2 mx400, should be able to improve on that for sensible money? any recomendations?

  spuds 12:16 03 Jan 2004

A little programme called PCPitstop will do a check on your present system, and will help with some possible future improvements. Maybe worth downloading.

what money you wish to spend....

A Radeom 9800SE can be got for about £130, which can be changed to the 9800pro speeds worth about £250....

Just say what you wish to spend and we could probably help ya!

  Jabba10 12:58 03 Jan 2004

I've just recently upgraded to 1mb RAM (from 512 MB DDR) and it has made an appreciable difference with XP. It cost about £90 from Crucial ...money well spent methinks!

  clayton 13:36 03 Jan 2004

A few reviews of motherboards

click here

click here

click here

  jake2 15:11 03 Jan 2004

Thanks all, I think I will add more ram up to 1gb then follow that with a card round about the £100 to £150 mark, that should keep me busy for a while and look at mobos later, think I need to do more research on them.

  Mike574 16:29 03 Jan 2004

It might be an idea to buy a graphics card first and save buying RAM until you get a new motherboard. That way you can make sure you don't end up with 1Gb of RAM that is not compatable with your new mobo. Just a thought. Hope this helps.

  jake2 17:05 03 Jan 2004

Thanks Mike that makes sense!!

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