Upgrade to windows xp

  sawdox 14:22 03 Nov 2005

I've recently bought a new pc with Windows xp installed. My old pc had Windows 98SE and I'd like to upgrade it to Windows xp. Is it possible to do that with the disc I've got (it says for distribution with a new pc only on it)? If it is possible would all the old stuff on the old pc still be available in Windows xp?

  rawprawn 14:26 03 Nov 2005

No, it's not legal.

  sawdox 14:30 03 Nov 2005

thanks for that - I'll hardly use the old pc anyway, it was just a thought. As a matter of interest what's the reason for that - surely onve I've bought windows xp I can use it for my own personal use?

  Mr Beeline 15:00 03 Nov 2005


It's in the licencing agreement for Windows (IE. that it can only be installed on one machine).

  sawdox 15:06 03 Nov 2005

thanks - sad, but I never read those agreements!

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