Upgrade Windows 98 to 98SE - HOW?

  lynnpin 16:44 21 Jan 2003
  lynnpin 16:44 21 Jan 2003

I have Windows 98 and Windows 98SE on two separate computers but wish to upgrade the former to 98SE. Can I just overwrite 98 with the 98SE disk or will this delete my hard disk's contents?
The reason I need to do this is because I have bought a CD-RW which is USB2 and although it states on the box that Windows 98 is acceptable, I found that it needs Windows 98SE once I'd opened the box! Can anyone help please????

  Biggles no more 16:55 21 Jan 2003

on what version you have on the W98SE disk. If it is an upgrade then you have no problem.

If it is a full version, or came as a an OEM version with a new PC, it should still work, but I should see what the more experienced menbers of this forum say. It is my understanding that reinstalling the OS does not affect other data.

You would be well advised to move to 98SE as it is the better system, although I expect you will have your share of people telling you to upgrade to WinXP, something I would be very careful about given that XP often refuses to work with pre-XP peripherals and software.

  powerless 17:01 21 Jan 2003

NO, you need the Windows 98SE CD.

  Diemmess 17:13 21 Jan 2003

Worth considering the Blunt Instrument approach of using a Ghost or Drive "image" of the SE computer's C: drive to transfer everything to overwrite the plain 98.

Yes there are probably all sorts of reasons why not, like different apps on each computer, but if they are very similar, then it is a possibility though be ready for all sorts of messages about drivers and so on when you first boot the older "plain" computer after its transplant.

  Cuddles 18:25 22 Jan 2003

You should be able to load 98se over the top of your existing os, it will save your original settings, you may find you get a few more icons on desktop but if not required you can soon delete them.

  Switcher 18:45 22 Jan 2003

1. Create a Win98se startup Disk

2. Boot from startup disk.

3. Run setup

Win 98se should instal over Win 98 OK retaining all your previous data and settings. BUT

If you receive a warning that this computer already has an operating system and cannot be upgraded with this disk. THEN simply rename WIN.COM which you will find in the windows directory to XWIN.COM and try again.

This worked OK for me.

Incidentally if this device is USB2 then I believe that your motherboard might have to support USB2 for it to work.

Also have you actually tried it on your Win 98 computer or are you going by info on the box.

  Tenner 18:46 22 Jan 2003

In my ignorance , as always , I did as Cuddles has suggested with an Update disk. It worked, but seemed a little sluggish , if anything. Later I was treated to the (usual) techie's response when I said what I'd done - you know, sharp intake of breath through clenched teeth with slow shake of ( his ) head ....( didn't quite reach the ultimate, simultaneous, rolling of eyes.)

It worked for my set-up. Maybe I was lucky, maybe not. Wait for the experts to comment


  Switcher 19:23 22 Jan 2003

I recently upgraded a Win98 to Win98se for one off my offspring, no problem in doing so, but daghter found that PC performance was a little sluggish.

PC was subsequently restored to Win98 using Ghost Image, previously created just in case.

Whether the little droop in performance was due to the fact that this was not a "clean install" is something that the experts might want to comment on. However a clean install is just not feasible to me, how to people manage to find all the little programmes and utilities to put back on their PCs after a clean install.

  Stuartli 19:53 22 Jan 2003

When I upgraded to Win98Se from Win98 I got a message that I already had Windows and that I needed the Upgrade version.

However, my son, an IT specialist, guided me through the installation by phone and also e-mailed the following:

Get a bootable floppy disc.
Boot from it.

Do the following (note the spaces in the 3rd line and the cd \win98 line)):

cd \windows
ren win.com win.bak
e: [or whatever drive letter the Win98 disc is in]
cd \win98

That'll then work.

Sorry, I forgot it was a full version...:-)

  Biggles no more 16:52 25 Jan 2003

to buy a W98SE upgrade disc from MS for around £14.00 - that is what I did. All MS required was the number for the W98 software to prove that you had a copy. It upgraded over W98 perfectly and I have never had a problem.

It may be worth asking MS before that withdraw support for W98SE.

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