Upgrade from Win XP media center -> Windows XP 64i

  RWest 18:29 09 Nov 2007

Yes, I seem to have made a mistake; I have 4 GB RAM but I've read (and the system information confirms) that only 3.25 or so is accessible by this version of Windows XP. Or rather the suppliers of my PC made a mistake.

Can someone please tell me:
[1] Does Windows XP Professional x64 in fact remove RAM restrictions,
[2] Is it possible to upgrade from Win XP Media Center? Since it's presumably radically different, I suspect not.
[3] I'm using XP because I need desktop searching, and there's some sort of legal dispute between Google Desktop and Microsoft - the latter being accused of arranging their system to lock out Google (surprise). Since I doubt Vista offers much more than XP, I went for that; but maybe this is outdated or wrong.

  paul€ 18:34 09 Nov 2007

1) it will see all of your 4Gb of ram. It should be able to see 100Gb+ of ram and work with it.

2)If you have a 64bit motherboard and cpu, yes.

  paul€ 18:35 09 Nov 2007

That should be a 64bit cpu-------DOH!!!

  RWest 19:29 09 Nov 2007

Thanks, Paul euro!

Are you sure? Can I check on Microsoft's site? - I always find it a jungle, biased to selling stuff

  paul€ 21:08 09 Nov 2007

For memory, refer to click here

Most current motherboards and cpu's will fall into the 64bit category. Do you know what cpu you are running, because if it's a 64bit one, you must be using a 64bit motherboard;))

  lotvic 22:00 09 Nov 2007

here is Microsoft's page click here
"Windows XP Professional x64 Edition provides the power you need to get the job done. Read more about the advantages of using it or download a trial version and experience it for yourself."

  100andthirty 08:36 10 Nov 2007

carefully check that every piece of hardware you want to use has a 64 bit XP driver and that every piece of software is compatible. Win XP 64 came later than the 32 bit version and there have been lots of forum complaints about these compatibility issues. There are not many tasks that really need either 4GB+ and XP64.

  kjrider 15:59 10 Nov 2007

I agree with 100andthirty. I was disappointed to find that quite a bit of hardware doesn't have the 64 bit drivers for my 64 bit XP.

Software is worst as a lot of companies don't seem to know about 32 bit or 64 bit, and try to tell me it works, that its my PC and there is nothing wrong with the software. Check carefully before you buy.


  RWest 00:03 12 Nov 2007

Thanks, all. My System information tells me: four x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 7 genuine Intel. Processor 2.4o gHz Intel Core 2 Quad. Bus 266 MHz. It was sold to me as a Q6600 - I'm not sure they sold me the right thing. Also, although there are four 1024 MB DIMM RAMS, the installed memory is listed as 3328 MB (and a footnote says the memory slot content may not add up to installed memory if some memory isn't recognised by Windows.

That last bit worried me & was why I posted the original message; I simply don't know if 3/4 GB of RAM is used up in some other way.

I only just noticed the chip thing. I have info on the motherboard etc but simply don't know if the various hardware items can handle 64 bits. If the RAM is ok it probbaly doesn't matter.

lotvic, thanks for the microsoft site, but I still couldn't find anything about RAM addressing. Their whole site leans to tipping you into Vista and, if there are problems, keeping a very low profile about them.

  brundle 00:09 12 Nov 2007

Some of the memory space is used for hardware addresses. Found a very informative link earlier, there's a similar question in another forum area; click here

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