Bonzy 16:01 01 Aug 2006

Hi there. My Win 98SE pc has lots of expensive information/data - too expensive to lose. I want to get rid of the Win 98SE and use Win XP Home operating system but, leave all the data intact.
What's the best way to go about this assignment?
Any ideas? Thanx.

  Jackcoms 16:07 01 Aug 2006

Let's decide first if your PC is up to the job of running XP.


Processor speed?

HDD size?

  Bonzy 06:37 03 Aug 2006

Thanks Jackcoms, sorry for delay.
RAM: I went to Control Panel, Systems applet, General tab. Under Computer was the following information.
x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 9
96.0MB RAM.
PROCESSOR SPEED: I couldn't read off the processor speed any where but on the front panel of the system casing was written:
Intel Inside
HDD SIZE: I right-clicked the C: drive, clicked on properties and read off the HDD capacity as
37.2 GB.

I hope this is good information. Thanks.

  User-312386 06:53 03 Aug 2006

Your computer is NOT up to the installing windows XP

  FelixTCat 07:30 03 Aug 2006


If you have lots of expensive information/data, you really ought to have a rigorous backup regime. You clearly have an elderly machine and the hard drive could fail.



  Jackcoms 07:55 03 Aug 2006

I agree with madboy33©®.

With only 96MB RAM it isn't powerful enough to run XP.

To run XP at a decent speed you will need at least 256MB and, ideally, 512MB.

You should perhaps investigate installing some more RAM.

HDD capacity is perfectly adequate, though!

  compumac 08:09 03 Aug 2006

I had an old Pentium 550Mhz PC with Windows 98SE on it that I was going to scrap but I thought as an exercise before dumping it I would put Windows XP on to see what happened. XP installed without a problem and XP itself functioned albeit - slowly. It only had 64Mb ram! I am not claiming that it would have supported any working programmes but.....

  Diemmess 09:00 03 Aug 2006

Much much longer and more slowly than 98 on the present machine.
You might just succeed in getting XP to run but only very very slowly and uncertainly.

Sad but don't even try with "old faithful!"

As FelixTCat says use the opportunity to put all your precious data on something separate from your master HD like an external HD, which also will be easy to run from a future new PC.

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