Upgrade...but what???

  sPaNieL*WilL^KiLl 17:26 24 Mar 2004

Just bought the latest offering from EA...Battlefield Vietnamn. The thing is i cant play it really well. (64 bots lowest detail 640x480x16 - to get playable framerate - can increase when less bots). I am only 14, so dont have money to waste. Saved up £200 (thats it) what would i be best upgrading....mainly use for games.

The system i have created (over the years) is an Asus A7N8X-X, AMD athlon XP2600+ (th'bred), 512mb DDR 333 RAM (ebuyer extra value), Radeon 9500 @ 9700 (softmod w. artifacts)click here (i recommend it, boosted my 3D mark 03 score from 2468 - 3156)

As you can see it's not exactly breathtaking but i want to do something which will give me more for less. If i upgrade to 64bit i would have to buy new mobo, ram and processor (so that's a no) if i upgrade to 3200+ i would have to buy new ram (don't think ill have enough) so its either the graphics card, more ram or new processor upto 3000+ (or combinations of more ram better proccessor etc).

Any advise on what to do would be well appreciated. Also say if you think i should wait, get more money and go 64bit route.

  Sion 17:34 24 Mar 2004

Well ya system is faster than mine i gotta say, and I don't see why your system is going so slow though. I have myself a 2000XP, 512 DDR266, Geforce 4 Ti4200, KT600 motherboard and i haven't found a game yet i can't play at super resolution. Saying that, if your playing with 64 bots as u say in your post, it probably explains your performace. I don't think any processor could deal with this amount of work to do to be honest ! perhaps you should play online !

As for upgrading to 64 bit, as u say, you will need new mobo, CPU and memory. I would save up, and wait until end of year when Windows 64bit is out, and Socket 939 is readily availible to consumers.

  sPaNieL*WilL^KiLl 17:55 24 Mar 2004

thanks i might do that......any other views?

Whats the difference between all the 64bit processors (opteron, FX and 64bit 3200+ etc.)

  goonerbill 18:18 24 Mar 2004

your pc should have no trouble playing battlefield vietnam. maybe a bit of a clean up or fresh install will improve things and the latest drivers.

opteron is for business systems, servers etc.

64 fx 51/53 is designed to help the graphics card and costs £550 + - the cheapest and is aimed at serious gamers.

64 3200+/3000+ is for everyday home/business use

  Rayuk 18:21 24 Mar 2004

You can now get a Radeon 9800Pro Lite[no games in box ]for about £150

  Sion 18:23 24 Mar 2004

Well, the opteron is designed for workstation and business users only really. It'll still play games, but they tend to cost more anyway.

The Athlon FX is AMD's flagship 64 bit home user processor aimed at hardcore gamers. Think it has a better memory controller than the ordinairy 64bit offering.

As for Athlon 64, these are the mainstream of the 64 bit range, but still quicker (and cheaper) than anythign intel can offer in the price bracket (oooooh flame war!!)

Personally, i'd stick with your system for the time being. No point getting a 3200XP in my opinion, you would get a performace increase, but nothing major i would say. You could invest in a gigabyte of DDR400 RAM as a future proof upgrade, then you could use that in any future AMD64 system, but that is all about i can recomend to be honest ! Just make sure you get RAM that is compatible with your motherboard. Asus boards can be picky. Crucial or Samsung or Kingston is always a good bet, but check the manfr. webpage.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 18:32 24 Mar 2004

I saw this game being played not played it yet myself but the guy who had it said u need a g-card built by NASA to get the full potential out of the game the graffix are awsum but it does slow down on a poor PCs,the on line play is also a tad jumpy on slower PCs and you definitely need a BB connection, play on 56k and i don't think the servers would load lol.So a card with good power and speed i would go for you can get good card for £200 save a tad longer and get a nvidea 5950 ultra about £320 or around and u should see some improvment.
Thats my next purchase i think,lol.


  IClaudio 18:34 24 Mar 2004

are having trouble with BF Vietnam and lag, blaming it on the servers, but it looks like you're having the same trouble with the single-player game.

I had a lot of trouble with lag playing PlanetSide, with 512K of RAM - putting in another 750K made the world of difference and cost me about £60. Crucial is the place to go, they even have a Compatibility Calculator on their site, so you won't make a mistake and order the wrong memory.

Everything else you have seems fine, no need to worry about 64-bit, that's all hype at the moment (for practical purposes...)

  IClaudio 18:39 24 Mar 2004

that there's a lot of very good tweaking info here

click here

And I should also have said that I have the Radeon 9700, and it's a perfectly good gaming card - now, if only I could find a card that would help me aim straight.... ;)

  sPaNieL*WilL^KiLl 19:01 24 Mar 2004

lol thnx for the help....might buy more ram or a 9800pro...dunno!

checking the site out now, so thnx for the link.

  citadel 19:03 24 Mar 2004

games benifit from having 1024 of ram when playing online. You need to have windows xp to in stall this amount.

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