Upgrade to Vista

  Cesare 06:29 09 Jul 2008

I am consideriong upgrading to Vista Ultimate. Microsoft Advisor says my Win XP sp3 will be OK to upgrade except for four applications which are not important to me.I have held this upgrade for over a year now. Can I try it and go back if things go really wrong? Any advise appreciated.Thanks.

  €dstowe 06:40 09 Jul 2008

Upgrading pre-existing computers to a later operating system is rarely as successful as is hoped. You do not gain the full advantages of the later software because it is trying to function on a computer it was not designed for.

I suggest you save your money and stick with what you have.

  Cesare 06:47 09 Jul 2008

I bought it a over a year ago and held on until faults get cleared but I am so afraid to try it. I am very happy with XP

  €dstowe 07:45 09 Jul 2008

If you are very happy with XP then there is no reason to change.

I've tried Vista and found it lacking. I've not found any real advantage in Vista at all.

That is, of course, my personal view and others will disagree but my thoughts on upgrading an existing system remain true.

  ambra4 08:01 09 Jul 2008

You can also try a Dual-Boot Vista With XP Installed First

Here's how to install it so you can dual-boot between them, in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide.

click here

  Cesare 09:46 09 Jul 2008

Thank you all. I will check out ambra4's suggestion, but I think that I will wait further until XP does not have any updates from Microsoft.

  ambra4 12:11 09 Jul 2008

“Will wait further until XP does not have any updates from Microsoft”

That will be in the year 2014

click here

In 2010 Windows 7 is to be released and I am sure by 2014 a new windows will be ready to be released at that rate you would never use Vista

  chub_tor 12:24 09 Jul 2008

Like you I was very hesitant about upgrading to Vista from XP but when I purchased a new 500Gb hard drive I took the opportunity to partition it into two and re-installed XP on one and Vista on the other. I have been running like this for about 8 months now and find that I rarely use the XP boot up and much prefer Vista. Since SP1 it has become faster, quicker to boot and I find the interface easier to use. The only snag I had was that Vista Home Premium does not have the fax function built in to the OS but a freebie download has solved that.

  Cesare 14:45 09 Jul 2008

I have an external hard drive Western Digital MYBOOK 250GB, 7200RPM, 8MB cache on a USB2. Can I install Vista on it ? It is default FAT32 fle system. I have only used about 5GB of photos on it.I cant change the systemto to NTFS as I will loose all my photos.

  chub_tor 16:14 09 Jul 2008

I Googled "Instaling Vista on an External Hard Drive" and got the distinct impression that it is not possible or if it is it is way beyond my comprehension.

  Cesare 16:24 09 Jul 2008

Thanks I will just stick to XP for now.

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