Upgrade USB 1 to USB 2 and Firewire

  carper 12:27 29 Apr 2004

Can anyone tell me what I need to do this upgrade
and how do I find what the motherboard will carry if this is the correct area. At present I have 6 USB 1 ports.
Thanks in advance

  stlucia 12:32 29 Apr 2004

USB2 and firewire can usually be added by a PCI card -- you can also get cards with both ports on them click here

If you have Win 98SE or later, it shouldn't be a problem.

  Gemma 12:35 29 Apr 2004

You will not be able to upgrade the on-board USB ports. Add USB 2 and Firewire with PCI feature cards or use a combo card such as click here

  Gemma 12:43 29 Apr 2004

Sorry, should have been click here

  TomJerry 12:49 29 Apr 2004

check ebuyer etc

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