Upgrade time???

  AlexPB 09:50 12 May 2008


when playing online games for example a game of mini pool the game does not seem to run very smoothly. The ball etc does not seem to move fluently.

I thaught about chagning the graphics/video card as its just onboard graphics at the moment.

I hope this makes sense.


  belfman 09:54 12 May 2008

Try clearing out with ccleaner first. Unload any programs that you do not need. If it's just a mini pool game it should run with onboard graphics.

  AlexPB 09:57 12 May 2008

Its not just that its most games and media/things that demand more sort of movement power.

Ive cleaned out everything i dont need, defraged, cleaned and scanned my PC numerous times.

Still no difference, thats why i thaught that maybe a better video/graphics card would be the way.


  AlexPB 10:23 12 May 2008

It also does not run smoothly when little things like the pop up blocker/ allow access bar roll down from the top of the internet explorer page (in my case they do not roll they sort of move and stop then move and stop, like a jumpy movement rather than smoothly and fluently.

I hope this is making sense


  xania 11:52 12 May 2008

What cpu do you have, how much memory and how much space on your C:\ drive. Also, how long have you had the probelm and did you do anytihng to your PC just before the problem arose?

  AlexPB 12:58 12 May 2008

I have a

- Packard Bell I Media
- Intel Pentium D processor
- 1Gb of RAM
- 60 % of hard drive free

the problem has been here now a few months and there is nothing that I have done which caused the problem


  AlexPB 14:06 12 May 2008

Also I have cleaned the system out, defraged, upgraded my Internet Security etc...

  xania 14:27 12 May 2008

This should be more than adequate. But how long have you had the problem and did you do anything to your PC just before the problem arose - updating drivers, downloading Windows updates?

  AlexPB 14:41 12 May 2008

Nothing else was done to the pc. Windows updates regularly but that isnt the problem. Its just literally on media based pages such as media player where the mousze is jumpy or laggy when i move it or on say the windows live inbox it would be laggy or jumpy again.


  Quiller. 14:49 12 May 2008

is it?

and the model number of the i media

  AlexPB 14:55 12 May 2008

The PC in question is a windows xp machine

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