Upgrade school PCs to 512Mb or 1 gig?

  coolteach 17:57 04 Mar 2008

Most of the two-dozen XP-Pro PCs at our school currently only have 128Mb of RAM, which of course is woefully inadequate. A handful have 256Mb. We have the option/funding available at the moment to upgrade them to 512Mb or 1 gig. They are generally used for all Office applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher etc.), Internet and, perhaps most importantly when it comes to this question, also for putting together and editing short films using MovieMaker (at present nigh on impossible on the 128Mb machines). In anyone's experience, is there anything to be gained from spending the extra cash to go to 1 gig or do folks think that 512Mb would be sufficient?

  rossgolf 17:59 04 Mar 2008

as a school kid i will say a gig but maybe not needed....start with a 512 in some and a gig in others and see how it goes

  MAT ALAN 18:01 04 Mar 2008

Movie Maker 2 lists the minimum RAM requirement at 128 MB, the recommended amount is 512 MB.


The more RAM a system has, the less it has to access the hard drive to swap out data and the longer that hard drive will last. Think of RAM like this: when your CPU requests a file, the hard drive delivers that file and puts it into RAM where it can be manipulated with greater speed. The next file you request will also need to be loaded into RAM—and if there's not enough RAM to store both files, you have to wait while the computer puts the first file back onto the hard drive before it loads the second file. This takes time and slows your computer down a great deal.

If i had the money 1gig...

  Sheik Yerbouti 18:02 04 Mar 2008

If there is a memory module in 1 slot and 1 free slot, on each machine, I would buy 24 512MB sticks and put 1 in each, giving 640 and 768 in them. For the jobs they are doing, that would be enough of a boost, I think.

  lotvic 18:06 04 Mar 2008

I agree with rossgolf
if the funding allows
1Gb (using 2 x 512Mb sticks of ram)
check if the pc's need 'matched pairs'

  rossgolf 18:09 04 Mar 2008

mat alan has put it in simple terms

  rossgolf 18:15 04 Mar 2008

what mobo's do they have?
they may need to be put in, in pairs as lotvic said?

  coolteach 18:49 04 Mar 2008

Thanks for responses so far. You guys are on the ball tonight!

Don't know the mobo details off top of my head although our external tech support/maintenance folk assure me it can be done to either capacity and have provided us with info for either option.

  Pamy 18:52 04 Mar 2008

"our external tech support/maintenance folk" surely these are the people to ask for advise?

  Totally-braindead 19:00 04 Mar 2008

I would agree with Pamy and its worth mentioning that if the PCs have different motherboards then they will need different memory.

Personally I would find out the make and model of each computers motherboard and order it seperatly for each one from Crucial. Some PCs are very touchy on memory but Crucial guarantee that the stuff they supply will work.

If they are all linked to the internet then try the Crucial scanner on each one individually click here

If you can you could add 512meg to each hopefully giving them all at least 640 meg in the case of the 128 meg ones. I personally don't think you need to go so far as to add another gig to each one. 512 mb would do nicely.

  coolteach 19:02 04 Mar 2008

Goodness me no! They are simply our paid support for when things go belly up and robbers when we need to purchase anything. Advice? No way! They'd demand £90 for simply listening to the question and then still wouldn't be able to answer it!

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